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Episode #112 – Tips to Relax Your Mind and Body in Stress

relax your mind

Only when you relax your mind, can you relieve yourself of any stress. Stress isn’t who you are, it’s what you do. Therefore, the only way to diminish the amount of stress you experience is by eliminating certain things you do.

We’re all dipping our hands into something. Whether it be work, friends, or family, we’re all committed to showing up outside of ourselves. We put more on ourselves than we can handle, overloading with the belief of execution.

If you are to overcome stress it’s important that you relax your mind. Because to exhaust the mind is to exhaust the body. It’s far easier to keep going than to stand still. As a matter of fact, we move only search. But what we fail to realize is that sometimes a moment of stillness is all it takes.

We equate moving with progress. What a misconception we’ve created. It all makes sense because we live in a world that glorifies movement. We rave about the amount accomplishments instead of the quality they present. The more someone moves the more we associate them with some form of success. But how many of us move, but create no distance at all? How many of us seek growth with no signs of progress?

Relax your mind and take a moment to enjoy these tips I am about to share with you. It isn’t the end of your problems. Rather, it is only the beginning of the solution to your problems.

Permission to Calm the Mind

Lisa Kaplin, a psychologist and women’s empowerment coach, said it well when she said,
“The biggest barrier most people face when it comes to relaxing is their mindset about what ‘relaxation’ really is.”

It’s not only right but necessary, that we take a moment of stillness to ourselves. Many of us experience this, directing our full attention towards what we must get done. The thought of relaxing your mind becomes the enemy of accomplishments instead of the fuel it requires.

My high school teacher, Mr. Rutledge once said, “That right hand on that clock waits for no one. It keeps on ticking.” In other words, me taking a moment to recalibrate and recenter affects no one. We say we don’t have the time in a day, but that time isn’t there, it is created. Therefore, the key to relaxing your mind is giving yourself permission to do so. Just do it!

Relax Your Mind Through Meditation

relax your mind

We spend the majority of our time producing circulating thoughts. As one leaves we welcome another. Seldomly do we think about where we are, for our focus remains in which we’ve never experienced. Our time is far more on tomorrow than it is on where we actually are.

To relax your mind is to allow yourself the permission to take time for yourself. Taking the time, just a few minutes to breathe alone goes a long way. We run so fast that we forget to breathe. Is that you?

I relax my mind through daily meditation. Allowing my body, my presence, and my time to unite in creating a relaxing experience. What it has done for me is it has allowed me to spend time with myself. It has allowed me to acknowledge my presence along with the care it needs.

It takes time, but time is all you need. And with that, you’ll eventually come from drifting away to actually being completely present. We all go through it, and we all come out feeling full. Check out some of the meditations I’ve put together for reference.

After the Mind, the Body Follows

Part of our responsibilities of quality living is contributing to it. Therefore, although the mind needs our attention, we must remember the effect it has on the body. When you relax your mind, it’s clear to see and address the other aspects of your life that need your attention.

Our bodies serve as the vehicle that takes our beings through this journey of life. I love yoga because it is intentional in self-care. It’s not like doing ten pushups and on to the next. It’s taking as little as 5 minutes to be fully present to yourself giving your body the love it deserves.

Feed the Body so That it Feeds You

Like oil to an engine, what you put into your body is what fuels it. Eating is not so that we look good, it’s so that we feel good. I’m not talking about temporary feelings. I’m talking about long-lasting feelings.

relax your mind

You don’t simply relax your mind to accomplish this way of living. You take the action that state of being reveals to you. What we put in our bodies not only feeds the mind, it feeds the body as well. Choosing a well-balanced diet is also another way of combatting stress. The better you eat, the lesser the stress.

What Helps Relax Your Mind

We are all different. Therefore, it’s important that we all identify the things that make us turn. Some of us enjoy a good book. Read it. On the other hand, some of us, a long bubble bath dimmed with candles.

Whatever it is, seek those opportunities. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to shift things in the right direction. So if it’s 5 minutes you’ve got, it’s 5 minutes you’ll need for yourself and your peace of mind. It is only present when you relax your mind so that space is allowed for it to do so.

Join me for Episode #113 – How to Reset Your Mindset for Developing Growth. Sometimes a step back is needed before a step forward can be taken. Let’s expand our minds so that we expand in growth.

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