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Episode #113 – How to Reset Your Mindset for Developing Growth

reset your mindset Growth is the most beautiful gift to mankind. It’s important you learn to reset your mindset so that it works to your advantage.

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost control of things? Or maybe you feel like things just aren’t going your way? If this is the case, no doubt could there be some level of stress associated with it. Not only is this feeling overwhelming, but even more, it also does you no justice.

If this resonates with you, just like many, you’re probably ready for a mindset reset. Being able to transition from a fixed way of thinking to one more fluid sets it all free.


No judgment to those that don’t understand, but your mindset is the way you present yourself based on who you perceive yourself to be. It not only defines who we are but it also shapes us into making the decisions we make.

I had believed for far too long that I wasn’t enough. So much so that I needed not to hold my expectations too high. It was an easy way to both deflect the work, but also, reject who I really was and what I had to offer.

If there was one thing I learned was that in order to reset your mindset you have to accept, let go, and let be. I had since learned to accept the words of others as their opinion and nothing more. With that, I had no real responsibility towards it. All I needed was to allow it to be living only by what I believe is best for me. Freedom

Putting A Growth Mindset in Play

If there was one thing I was adamant about was my identity. I was concerned about this unique creature I’d become while the world tugged on more of what I was willing to give. With that, I’d dedicate myself to living my utmost truth. For with truth, nothing more than pure presence is required. Everything else just syncs.

reset your mindset

Now if you’re not there yet, it’s fine. A bit of fine-tuning and we’ll be in good shape. There is no better time to start helping reset your mindset than now. It’s way easier to maintain a fixed mindset than it is to expand our minds past our own limitations.

If you ought to succeed at what you do, it’s important you upgrade your mindset.

We All Have a Choice

At the end of the day, we must all be reminded of the choices we have and make. If obstacles you tend to meet there’s a great chance you’re operating off of a fixed mindset capacity.

A mindset for growth isn’t one that hides from discomfort. Rather, looks at discomfort as an opportunity to elevate who they currently are for who they’re actively becoming. A fixed mindset closes all doors to growth. That is why a more fluid mindset is necessary.

Doubt can be familiar on this amazing growth journey. It’s nothing to fear. It’s all to accept as part of the process. No real change happens overnight, does it? It all takes time as only through work can true change take place.

Be not just mindful of where you are, but also be mindful of where you’re going. It’s important to allow the space in between the fairness it requires to blossom. At the end of the day, who you were will mean nothing when the direction you’re walking in compliments who you want to become.

The last thing to remember is the reality. Many realities exist, but the one you choose will govern your focus and the actions it produces. Nothing is truly uncomfortable if you are constantly properly positioning yourself. When you’re more focused on the process than you are about the end result you embrace it oh so differently.

reset your mindset

To reset your mindset is easy because you provide yourself with no real pressure. On the other hand, you’ve accepted this amazing mission along with its achievable possibilities. Therefore, what would there be to fear? What would there truly be to doubt?

Join me for Episode #114 – Tips to Say No Without Hurting Someone Feelings. We all want to make those around us happy, but to what expense? I pray whatever you choose that your truth prevails above all.

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