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Episode #115 – Tips to Find Purpose in Times of Adversity

times of adversity

In times of adversity, remember your moment has arrived. It took me years to realize this, but the moment is never against us, it’s calling you. It’s easier said than done, I know. But we’re all capable of showing up to life when we’re called upon.

I know, it’s never as easy as you hear it to be, but it’s never as hard as actually doing it. We are all able to learn if presented with the proper tools. Times of adversity don’t weaken us, we only accept defeat.

I know how unforgiving life can be. Many of us say “why me”, not understanding we are not the victim. I know it’s different, going through it made me realize it doesn’t have to be “hard”, as we tend to call it. Set your goal to understand life simply, and you’ll never find it complicated.

Alone it Is to Be in Times of Adversity

At times it’s necessary, and primary, that we take the time to devote to ourselves. As I love to say so dearly, life is constantly happening right before us. We spend so much time moving and planning, the moment escapes us.

In times of adversity, there’s a voice that speaks to which we must listen. Whatever your religion or level of spirituality, we’ve been all made in a level of consciousness beyond our imagination. I’m not here to sell a dream, but we all have that inner voice.

When these times of adversity come knocking, just remember that you are not alone. Remember that voice inside of you is speaking. The question is, are you listening? Too many times do we overspeak that voice. So much so that it seems as though it’s become silent.

times of adversity

Nah, that voice is speaking. It is up to you to receive it. It’s the feeling you get whhttps://thatgoodolfeelin.com/product/that-good-ol-feelin-creating-the-love-you-desire-soft-cover/en someone overtalks you. Can you imagine the many times we’ve overspoken ourselves? The many times we’d been spared if only we took time alone, to listen.

Life is Always On Your Side

We come into this world with a misconception of what life is “supposed to be”. That’s because we live in a desire-based world. So much so that in times of adversity we continue to think of what we want, but don’t have.

How different it would be if we acknowledged the abundance that life has given us. Our refusal to stay present, but rather, live in the past or future, blinds us from it all at times. Life is always on your side, but you have to allow it that space. We all do.

Life is far from square. Best described, life is fluid. It makes no wishes, nor does it make any promises. Talk about going with the flow, right? Just like many of you, I so longed for this “perfect life”. This very illusion is what prevented me from serving this wave life had blessed me with. Times of adversity will blind you.

When life shifts, shift with it. No better way of enjoying a wave, than riding it. It’s always a beautiful sight to see, isn’t it? The power of being present. It not only allows you to connect more, but it also allows you to feel more. And when you’re feelin? Well, how do you think these surfers catch the badest wave?

Trust me on this, just feel it.

Free Your Mind of Senseless Things

To occupy your mind with dissatisfaction is a disservice to you. We do not shine our brightest without first going through times of adversity. Whether it be with family, relationships, work, friends, even a complete stranger, the time will come.

Growth presents itself in the most fashionable ways, I like to put it. No matter what your plans may be, life sometimes throws a wrench in them. That’s what life does. Life is not against you. Get that out of your mind.

times of adversity

Deflating life doesn’t do you any justice. Therefore the thoughts you keep in your mind during times of adversity can be worse than the event itself. I think my dad was wrong. This school of life does come to an end. We are mere shadows of our own greatness.

Our minds, our spirits, our souls have but a hand full of moments to create. As we choose between, past, present, and future, that righthand keeps on ticking. Time waits for no one. We sometimes think life flies. But it’s only because we weren’t present when it passed us by.

Times of adversity aren’t to break you. They’re to only remind you of how blessed you truly are. When you know that life is on your side, the idea of freeing your mind is fluid. No need to feed your mind with senseless things. It deserves better, and so do you.

Join for Episode #116 – How to Live Your Life Proactively Rather than Reactively. We only got one way to go, and that’s forward. The best way o prevent setbacks is by being proactive in our intentions towards writing our story

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