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Episode #116 – How to Live Your Life Proactively Rather than Reactively

live your life proactively Shifting from living your life reactively to aiming to live your life proactively could only be intentional. We live in a world where the majority of us do things reactively. Most of the decisions we make are founded on how comfortable we are and how we feel. Never mind being disciplined and intentional.

The undisciplined will say something like this: “Eventually, I’m going to finish building this shelf…” “I’ll be done with it all at some point but…” “If only I could accomplish such a thing.”

Most of us are guilty of such actions. When you live your life proactively, you take full ownership of your life’s experience. Think about it. To act reactively is to wait for something to happen before acting. Let that sink in for a minute.

Being proactive assures that you are actively creating ways to sustain your life experience. That means for as long as you are here, you seek ways instead of waiting for different ways to come. It’s important that you create what it is that will motivate and inspire you to push through. When you live your life proactively, you take control away from any outside source. With that, the control falls right back in your hands.

Are You Proactive?

Before you answer that question, think for a minute. Imagine owning a company. You provide your extended partners direction, along with the overall vision. Now put your feet in the shoes of the employees. Now instead of providing guidance, you’re being given. In this case, the employee would be reactive while the boss is proactive. Which one currently describes where you are?

If there is one thing most of us find challenging, it would be change. Change creates uncertainty. But if there is one thing none of us can escape, it’s that. No matter how long we try to prolong the change at hand, we only prolong our experience. Choosing to live your life proactively gives you no room to liquidate precious time.

When you choose to live a proactive life, life changes by your command. No need to wait for the sun to come out. It’s just as nice when it rains. Don’t wait for it to come. Be intentional about the steps we make so that we’re not doing so blindly. Plan your days. Don’t let your days create you.

live your life proactively

Being proactive requires that you step into creator mode. We are no longer waiting, but rather, we are in constant forward motion. Slow down, take a seat, and allow your mind the space to navigate. Here’s how you shift from being reactive to being able to live life proactively, and rightfully.

Your Why

In order to live a full life, there must be meaning, right? I believe that this experience is only as deep as the experience we create outside ourselves. What’s an ideal life for you look like? Where is it? Take a snapshot in your mind. Write it down if need be.

Be Proactive and Goal Oriented

Based on what your life looks like, you have some meeting up to do. That’s right. You have to meet yourself halfway. Remember, choosing to live your life proactively requires tools that help make it all real.

Make Discomfort A Home

As we mentioned earlier, change is inevitable. It’s not only coming, but it will continue coming. Therefore, you might as well learn to adapt to things you can’t control. Surrender control when control isn’t available to you. Choosing to live your life proactively allows you to progress through the discomfort.

Be Proactive and Organized

Take the initiative, as the creator of your ship, to level up. Nothing happens overnight. Therefore, take the baby steps you need to achieve your goals. The more your focus remains, the more realistic these dreams become.

Live Your Life Proactively and True

live your life proactively

Use your days wisely. We are all here for a little bit of time. In the blink of an eye, we’re in. And then the next…well. Hold yourself accountable for the promises you made to yourself. Be aware of where you are so that you measure where you’re going. If the is no way of measuring, then there are no ways of celebrating.

Your life is in your hands. It’s important that you are intentional about the direction it is going in. It’s important that you understand why it is important for you to stay the course. Last but not least, it’s quite important that you take immediate action. To live your life proactively to acknowledge the importance of the moment.

And just in case you haven’t noticed, this moment is everything. Join me for  Episode #117 – Ways to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Change Your Life. The power of our minds goes beyond what we can imagine, but we sense its powers still. Let’s dig into our powers.

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