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Episode #118 – Tips to Achieve Everything You Want in Life

achieve everything

Not all of us are able to achieve everything we set out to. We all have dreams and asperations, but too many times do they remain just that. Life gives us all types of options that we all have the ability to take advantage of. But having options alone doesn’t take you there.

To be honest, we all get stuck. When in pursuit of any goal, getting stuck is inevitable. That’s if you’re dreaming big enough. Wanting to achieve anything in this life doesn’t come easy. I experienced this first hand on so many levels, but I’ll stick to one.

After pursuing my architecture degree, the recession had introduced itself to me. Many architects felt the same pressure. The idea of making a living when no living seems to be present. So I decided I’d simply go back to school to pursue a degree in civil engineering. Though the decision was easy, the journey, not so much.

I learned real quick that pursuing this mission would require sacrifice. Little did I know I’d have to give up things I enjoyed in order to make good on this promise I’d made to myself. I came from riding a motorcycle to just simply cycling. Pretty dramatic, wouldn’t you say? But for me, I knew I had to be all in in order to achiever everything I had set out to.

If there was one thing I knew I need, it was motivation.

Stay Committed to Your Commitments

I enjoyed the company of friends and just the idea of being able to mingle with the many creations of God. We are all gifts from above. Therefore, we are all pretty special to say the least. But, the truth was, that was one thing I would have to feel comfortable being without. I didn’t know how to achieve what I wanted, but I had a clue of the things that were holding me back from doing so.

With this challenge came a few questions that I would need to answer to. How committed am I to this new mission and how important was it? I know it won’t be easy, but what am I willing to do to achieve everything I set out to?achieve everything

Once I was able to answer those questions, the road ahead became more clear. All the motivation I needed was now being built.

Achieve Everything You Need with Knowledge

It’s not always about doing. Sometimes it’s about knowing what to do that makes all the difference in the world. What you do know can only take you so far, but what you don’t know is sometimes what connects it all together.

Your focus on this journey will predict its outcome. Understanding the value of the journey instead of the results itself is what enhances your drive. That’s because focusing on the result alone can sometimes wither like any storm. So for me to achieve everything I set out to, the journey and its course had to be my greatest focus.

Create the Journey

How to achieve my goals weren’t the focus, it was just the doing of it all that would take me there. I knew if I eliminated anything that kept me away from it, I would somehow fall into all the things I would need to do to make it all happen.

I have to say, out of all the things I had ever been through, this would be one of the toughest. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I knew it was there. And I knew if I wanted to see it any clearer, I would need to do my due diligence.

In essence, to achiever everything I would need to put out everything I had within me to do so. So off I went into the world, to live out this journey. My uncle always say, if it isn’t “agreable” it wasn’t worth doing. That was him saying enjoyable in French. With that I understood that just because it was hard didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun.

That was a bit challenging, but without it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain it. It was like asking someone to sing sweet melodies while working in extreme conditions. Definitely an unfair request. But by me wanting to achieve everything I wanted, I’d need to find the right song.achieve everything

Give Everything to Achieve Everything

Today, unlike any other day, I know what it really truly means when people say that life is short. I lost my father this morning and those words couldn’t echoe what I feel any better. But is it really? As I sit on the plane, within my own thoughts, I can’t help but think about the call I received. “He’s gone,” I was told.

I shed my fair share of tears, but all I could think of is how limited time is when we fail to use it. I can say that my father was blessed to have lived 67 years. And although I believe I understood how to achieve everything I eventually did, more was on my mind. After all, I’m still here, right?

I share my truth with such transparency because I know that I am not alone. I also know that I have a lot left in my tank, and that if I fail to pursue more, just how short it will feel. With that, in the memory of my father, his life, I will do just that. When I see him again, hopefully I can share with him that I in fact did achieve everything I possibly could.

Join me for Episode #119 – Habits to Create a Life of Peace and Purpose. Peace is such a beautiful place to live. Sometimes it’s accepting what is, and sometimes it’s experiencing pure bliss. Whatever peace is to you, the goal is that you find it.

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