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Episode #119 – Habits to Create a Life of Peace and Purpose

life of peaceI love a life of peace. I love the calm that it brings and the space of clarity it creates. Just the thought of it all makes me feel so good. Lately, these writings and podcast episodes have been a sense of therapy for me. If you don’t know what I am speaking of, I recommend that you ready all blogs post dated from March 22 to now.

The truth is, life is always shaking things up. And it’s not that it’s doing anything to harm us. It’s just that it continues to present us with opportunities to adjust. Unfortunately, too many times we allow these events to override the many blessings. That is where a life of peace lies.

I must admit, I’m still going through it, but my focus remains on the opportunities this life’s event has provided. I know the worst has yet to come, but I do know the best hasn’t as well. But through it all, a life of peace is the only life that will allow me the space to navigate through it all organically. It is the only way I allow myself to feel, accept, and grow.

Losing a father, a parent even, isn’t easy. But what we become in the process, how we choose to hold on to the peaceful living that is required is everything. If you’re reading this, it’s only a matter of time you experience life’s effects. But being a peace of life is what allows you the peaceful life you deserve. Understanding how to go about creating it is something I’ll get right into.

Peaceful Living Focuses On What Matters

life of peace

Understanding what truly matters is so very important. Think about it. Would you feel defensive in a safe environment? I wouldn’t think so. That is why when I think of peaceful living I think of simplicity. Within that space no complication exists.

Life is filled with losses. Whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or even physically. The reality is, we’ll never have it all. And the the losses are always  present, so are the many gains.

A life of peace isn’t what happens to us. But rather, life is everything we give precedence to, the things we believe truly matter. I’ve lost my father, but I’ve so many more perspectives, so many more reasons to live, and so many more reasons to empty myself. What better way to live.

Gratitude Reveals Many Blessings

I must admit, I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my father. But that alone will never allow me to ignore the many lessons I’ve been blessed with. That is the benefit of keeping an attitude  of gratitude.

A life of peace is governed by a life of gratitude. Because it is only through gratitude will you realize the abundance you’ve been blessed with. That in itself gives me all the peace I need. I want peace in my life so the way my mind is set up, I seek it constantly. Gratitude has been a key to many doors that have been open to me. I just got off of the phone with my older brother and I mentioned the opportunity he has to poor into his kids. I didn’t even think of that as being something to be grateful for, but it sure is. Gratitude.

Life Lies in the Things We Create

Life is truly nothing more than what we make it. We experience many things we cannot control, but we experience many things we create. And with the things we cannot control, we can create wonders out of.

My brothers and I are blessed beyond measure. We didn’t get the relationship we wanted from my father, but from him the ability we naturally have to create meaningful ones. From him the love and will we have to raise our queens high.life of peaceA life of peace for me lies in the things I gain. Because one thing is for sure, change is inevitable. It will come regardless of how ready we are to deal with it. I lost my grandmother about 5 years ago and seeing her and my mom reminded me of my great grandmother and grandmother together. I was reminded of this natural cycle of life.

My father was blessed with sixty-seven years. He’s left my mom, my brothers and I with the opportunity of making good with this life we all still have. I’ll miss my father, but living my best version gives him the greatest extension to living. Therefore, that’s what I’m willing to do. That’s peaceful living to me.

Join me for Episode #120 – Life Changing Advice for Living a Happy Life. This one life we’ve currently been blessed with, despite the circumstances deserve living a happy life. Why live if you’re not able to feel good about the life you live?

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