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Episode #12 – How to Let Love In

Love is such a beautiful thing to experience, but in order to let love in, it takes a little readjusting. Many of us may find ourselves more in fear of it, disregarding the amazing feelings attached to it. It’s like an internal battle between truly experiencing it and the possibility of it “tearing us down”. The hardest part is not the love you’ll experience, it’s accepting that it’s actually possible. In order to truly experience something purely, you have to be willing to present yourself in your purest form. Understand that being at your purest isn’t about being flawless. It’s about purely presenting your flawness.

As I continue to observe the world under my microscope, the more I learn about the fears we hide behind that continue to keep us from letting love in. It’s almost like we rather not have it at let love inall rather than risk losing it. That will work if you never want to lose, but will definitely work if you want to continue to lose. I don’t know what love means to you, but for what it means to me, it’s worth nothing trading over.

During my journey of learning and experiencing love, I saw how beneficial it would be for me to let love in. I’ve seen and experienced enough mental blocks to not stray away from the life I want to feel. From the moment life was given, every move we made and continue to make is a risk. If there is one thing I would bet my life on is the love I have and the love I want to let in. With that, I can contribute more to the painting of that picture.

Invite Love So You Get What You Want Out of It

In order to get what you want out of any experience, you have to be willing to contribute to it in some shape or form. I believe in order to let love in, you have to be willing to accept its possibilities. Along with that, you have to be willing to give out every bit of love you have inside of you. Take not a step in fear, but rather, a leap of faith.

Those that believe tend to intensify their energy because that way of thinking usually becomes their reality. And anything we tend to believe in we become open to the idea of obtaining. We not only accept the process, but we can already see the outcome. When the outcome is clear to us the thought of the process seems very promising.

We are more filled with excitement, rather than fear. And we start to look forward to the journey rather than fear every step. When you let love in, you internally commit yourself to the mission of receiving true love and everything it stands for. What it means to you will only be worth the amount of faith you have in it. That is what will provide you with the needed energy necessary to experience the inexperienced.

Leaving a door open in such a way that living presents an opportunity that will allow us to feel something we’ve never felt. Along with the constant work and effort it will take, the feelings we are filled with only reminds us why we shouldn’t quit. It reminds us exactly why pushing forward is only an advantage in realizing the overall vision we created.

Invite the Love you Want to Let In

If you were to hear a knock at your door, your level of excitement will be determined by the person you expect to see on the other side. For some people, it’s their parents. Some more their fathers than mothers, visa versa. When it’s all said and done, our excitement is based on what that person means or represents to us at that particular moment in our lives.

Love, I mean nothing in this world could ever compare to it. That’s inevitable, for our very souls and spirits were governed by that feelin. Our anger, sadness, and pains were all sparked by a love lost or a lack thereof. No matter how you chose to open the can, the ingredient of love should always be in there for it to properly be contained. Metaphorically right?

In conclusion, the only way to let love in is actually by letting love out. When you begin to observe you’re giving, you start to realize how people learn to give through you. Sometimes presenting ignites the giving of love. And that’s the beauty you have in controlling the things you actually can. Just give…and I promise you, you’ll get everything, if not more than you could ever hope for. That’s that feelin.


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