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Episode #120 – Life-Changing Advice for Living a Happy Life

life changing advice

The best life-changing advice I can give you is to live fully. That in itself begins and ends this episode. If we’re going to be here, why not pour our all into it? Why not give this life everything we’ve got? After all, one minute we’re here, the next…well, you get my drift.

Living a happy life is life to me. Without my joy, my full participation in this life, what good is its purpose? I love the ups and downs of life. That’s the excitement that life brings. That’s what makes life just that much more interesting. It’s what makes it worth living.

Throughout my life, I found that the loss of life has always ignited life within me. You know, after the sadness and the pain sinks in, that energy has to go somewhere. Understanding that, my time here all ends in a blink. So that means, within each blink, there lies so much more for me to accomplish.

I found that life lives where you invite it. Therefore, what your life looks like is only an extension of what you are willing to receive. Living a happy life isn’t a gift, it’s a choice. What allows you to enjoy it is when you acknowledge life’s gifts and when you are grateful for its presence.

A Gift Still Remains

We’ve all lost someone. Therefore, we all understand how it feels to go without the ones we love. You want another life-changing advice? As hard as it may sound, there’s always a gift within a loss. Right before preparing for this episode I finally had some time to really allow myself to feel my father’s physical absence.

Tears flowed in immensely, unlike ever before. I felt the pain and I allowed myself the space to do so. I allowed myself the space I would need in living a happy life moving forward. My father’s no longer with us, but he lies within each and every one of us.

Hearing his voice, his last words up until the day before he left us. It touched my soul. I couldn’t believe this voice I’d heard was no longer with us. But then I thought about the voice behind the words that I couldn’t hear. The memories built, the secrets shared, and the differences of growth, are all for me to carry. But isn’t that life really?

Wear the Lens of A Lifetime

Your outlook will affect your output. Despite what this world serves us, we still have a responsibility towards our life, and our existence to follow through. Consider this the third life-changing advice I’ll be leaving you with.

No matter what you’re going through, you must go through. There’s just no way around it. This marathon of a life has taught me to live, and move because I now hold the baton. Those no longer with us have done their part. Now, our onward focus will shape the way we run our race.

This school of life, he wasn’t perfect at it, but sure did he expose himself enough for me to see better within me. Our views, our minds, and our focus should always be directed toward what feeds our souls. Living a happy life means we find ways to acknowledge good even when our minds are clouded.

And although life may show darkness, we wear the right lens that may help us see the light. And through this lens, we gain the ability to see life pass what it presents us. With this lens, we choose just how our life looks moving forward. Now if that’s not life-changing advice, you tell me what is.

Join me for Episode #121 – Life-changing Tips to Increase Your Mental Clarity. As life continues to happen, it’s important that we check in with our mental state. Sometimes it’s important that you look yourself and in the mirror and ask yourself, “How you doing?”

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