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Episode #122 – Tips to Control Your Mind From Intrusive Thoughts

intrusive thoughts

If you don’t control your mind from intrusive thoughts, there’s a hand full of people out there I know that will. The mind is a powerful thing. Therefore, it’s important that we become mindful as to what we allow space within it.

These intrusive thoughts add little to no value to this valuable moment you have before you.

The Root of Intrusive Thoughts

From time to time, we all experience intrusive thoughts. That’s part of our everyday living, figuring life out each and every day. Well to first address these thoughts we must first understand the source. I call it focusing on the things you can’t control.

It’s true, intrusive thoughts can at times be a bit spotty, but our experiences matter. We all, experiencing the same event, may react to it totally differently. It’s like constantly thinking your house will get broken into just because it happened to two of your neighbors.

Life is too beautiful of a thing to let it be overtaken by intrusive thoughts. I know, something brought you to this point. Therefore, allow yourself the time you really need to ease your way out. With patience, it all falls into place.

Without further ado, I’ll share with you a few tips that help the mind breathe from its intrusive thoughts.

1. Allow Your Thoughts to Flow

The best thing to know about intrusive thoughts is that they don’t have to overtake you. Living with a free mind is both possible and realistic. Many try to forget it ever took place. But you can only run for so long before your thoughts start to go on even more.

Anything suppressed must eventually expound. Therefore, when we try to suppress our intrusive thoughts, they only end up coming back harder. Ever try meditating? If you have, how was it your first time? I know for me meditating was like a daydreaming session before I understood how being present changed everything.

intrusive thoughts

Try doing something that isn’t linked to the intrusive thought at all. Instead, try immersing yourself in something that can pull you closer to calm. If you’re accustomed to thinking of debt, try turning your thoughts to reading a book focusing on language. Not only does it take you to an entirely different place, but it shifts your focus as well.

2. The Real From Thought

Intrusive thinking can sometimes invite an illusion. It’s from these illusions we’d do good to stay clear. These constant thoughts aren’t usually the issue. It’s you believing them that is so. They are merely thoughts; thoughts that consume us more than they should.

The only way to accept them is as the thoughts that they are. Allow them space to move, but no room to stay. It’s ok to acknowledge them as they come, but it’s important you do so as you show them their way out. The intrusive thought isn’t you. It’s only a guest that has overstayed their welcome.

3. How Your Intrusive Thoughts are Triggered

Your intrusive thoughts don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are all a result of your days, the people you hang with, or the television shows you watch. Where ever it is coming from, something is triggering it. So keep a log so you’re aware of what they are.

Along with the notes, think of the mood you were probably in. Write that down as well. And as time goes by you’ll have your journal as a reference to guide you through. You’ll see the patterns, and you plug in the missing piece.

4. Aim to Do More Positive

When you inject yourself with positivity, you create an exit for all sorts of negative vibes. So leading a life of joy can only contribute to your overall quality of living.

Wake up early, try yoga, some breathing, or just lie in bed with a heart of gratitude for this life you’ve been blessed with. When you find yourself sinking in intrusive thoughts, start your morning differently and see just how quickly things can change.

5. Someone to Lean On Can Be Necessary

Why the shame in therapy, I have no clue. When these intrusive thoughts become your life with nowhere to live other options are necessary. It is never necessary to grow through anything alone. It isn’t necessary to fight the thought.

Sometimes all you need is to talk it out. The ability to lay your feelings out for yourself to actually see. Too many times do we talk or act without acknowledging our actions. When you choose to look at things with a new lens, you found that what is, never truly was.

Join me for Episode #123 – Tested Techniques to Focus on Yourself and Not Others. So much going on in the world. So much focus is being taken away from things that matter, to things that don’t. Well, you matter, and so does where you put your focus. So let it be on the things that matter most, you.

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