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Episode #125 – Easy Things to Do When You Feel Bored With Life

You aren’t bored with life, are you? I mean, how could you be? Life is a platform of beauty awaiting our partaking within it. I mean, it would be unfair to say it this way without a bit of perspective. It would be unreal for me to tell you that I always felt this way.

Through this journey of life, we are all building our own stories. Within our stories, lies our ability to make good with this one life we’ve been given. I didn’t know then what I know now, but to feel bored with life is to limit oneself. It wasn’t until I wanted it, did I receive it.

If you’re feeling like you’re bored with life, I’ll share some easy quick tips with you.

If You’re Bored with Life Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Let Judgement Go
    I lived a limited life so that I wouldn’t have to live the judgment from me that I put on others. I was bored with life, but the more that I received others, the more accepting I was of their differences. Because within our differences, there was beauty.
  2. Standing Still Will Kill
    If you’re at the point where you’re bored with life, then you might want to move around. Standing still is the worse counter to depression. That means if you feel that the world is crashing down, run!

bored with life

  1. An Attitude for Gratitude
    Life lives, but the question is, are we living life? Too many times do we limit our will to live, due to the things we feel we lack. Therefore we negotiate our joy over the things we choose. It’s hard to be bored with life when you’re drowning in goodness. Life is giving you far more than you actually receive. When you’ve immersed yourself in gratitude you see so clearly the gifts.
  2. Jump Right Into It
    Why wait another moment to live? Life is short and so are the moments we get to create. So why wait? Get up and get to movin!  It isn’t simply about the amount of time you’re living. It’s more about how you spend the amount of time you have living. In other words, it’s more about the quality than it is the quantity. The question is, what are you currently building.

Just…think about it.

Join me for Episode #126 – Proven Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. As I said before, that’s the beauty of being unique. Never compare yourself to someone you were never meant to be.

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