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Episode #126 – Proven Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

con't compare yourself

Stop comparing yourself to someone that could never match the package you present. We are all unique and special in our own outright. We all possess one thing that no one in this entire universe will. And that is what makes us necessary.

I remember the days when I measured myself against others. That means for me to feel any level of worth, I submitted myself to a criteria that failed me. That’s because there isn’t a criteria in the world that meets ours. So don’t compare yourself to anyone that lives outside of yourself.

I know we’re all accustomed to being categorized and boxed. But how is that possible? How can I be compared to someone I have never met or interacted with? I know it’s easier to group than to accept individually, but what good is a group without its individual components? That is why comparing yourself to others is a complete waste.

What it Means to Compare Yourself to Others

When you compare yourself to others you can risk trading all your joy in for negativity. If you live within this space there is a chance of affecting your self-esteem. When you continue to compare yourself to others, you lose opportunities to celebrate your own achievements.

Who are you? If you continue to compare yourself to others, you will find yourself losing your identity. Accepting who you are, creates a lane for yourself that may not even exist. But to create such a lane, you have to be willing to change your focus. It’s a transition, from others to self.

Don’t compare yourself to others because your mental health relies on you to function properly. What you keep on your mind all day is eventually what you become.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

So how do you stop comparing yourself to others? As I mentioned before, we are all unique. We are all special beings. Therefore, it isn’t about what they want you to be. It’s more about the gift that you were born to be. Thedon't compare yourself best way to reconnect with your true self is by doing the following:

1. Live in Gratitude.  Wake up every day with a sense of gratitude. How? Well, it’s all around us. Everywhere you look there is a reason to celebrate. Acknowledge the things that you have. When you live in gratitude you experience more joy and happiness.

2. Seek Help. Sometimes help is necessary. You don’t have to do it by yourself. But it makes it much easier when you choose not to compare yourself with anyone outside of you. Grab a journal and do what you must to see the other side of things. It’s always better than we make it out to me.

3. Take a Socal Meia Break. Sometimes a break from the forces is necessary. Get out of the illusional space and jump right into what’s in front of you. Don’t compare yourself to people who serve you versions of themselves that only remain online.

4. Put Self-Care First. Take time for o yourself. You need it more than you know. Take the time to love, embrace, and love on you as you would your spouse. you’ll find with yourself that it goes deeper. Truth is, comparing yourself to others does yourself no justice. Take care of yourself. Everything else always falls into place.

You’re of Value to the World

You’re worth every bit of your efforts. Trust me. I was once there. But that feelin you get when you realize you matter is priceless. You live not to only exist, but to pour out every bit of you that you were blessed with. So acknowledge yourself and allow yourself the honor you deserve After all, you made it this far.

Join me for Episode #127 – Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes in Life to Live Happy. What’s it worth to you? I speaking of your happiness. What’s it worth? You’re not going to want to miss this one.

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