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Episode #127 – Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes in Life to Live Happy

avoid common mistakes

In order to avoid common mistakes, it’s important you’re aware of what they are. If you’re living in the same body you were born in, there’s a great chance you’re creating common mistakes you might want to avoid. But no need going off being too hard on yourself. Class is now in session and we are all in for the lesson.

Life is truly an ongoing class filled with many lessons. Despite what we are going through, we are all being introduced to opportunities. Too many times do we find it hard to find happiness while trying to avoid common mistakes.

We constantly seek what we desire without trying to address what stands in our way. Fortunately, most of the time, the enemy tends to be us, not the outsider. Therefore, to avoid common mistakes, you have to first embrace your own imperfection.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Let’s face it, seeking perfection leads us nowhere near happiness. Rather, it keeps us further away from it. What makes us beautiful isn’t what we possess. It’s the combination of what we both have and lack. No one is perfect, nor should anyone attempt to be.

Waste not a moment of your time in regret. It’s easy to fall into regret when we don’t achieve what we anticipate. Life happens that way, and it’s important that we embrace its course. Nothing is forever, nor was it ever meant to be. Therefore, wasting a moment in regret doesn’t help you avoid common mistakes. It keeps you stuck there.

The most important thing is that we move forward. That’s because only through forward movement can we truly live. The MOMENT is where it’s happening. Why live in any other place? To step outside of this MOMENT is to disconnect from life itself. So let’s reconnect.

Through Awareness You’ll Find Hope

I believe we are all aware of our mistakes. If you’re like the majority, you focus more on your mistakes easier than you would your successes. But the truth is, the opportunity lies before you at all times. To avoid common mistakes, awareness is key. Because it’s not about what you do or what happens for you? It’s more about what you choose to do with it.

avoid common mistakes

We can’t predict the rain, but we can definitely wear a raincoat, right? There’s no stage in life that remains. As the wind subdues, so do our transgressions. NOTHING IS FOREVER. As sad as it may sound, once you understand this, you understand the beauty of LIVING. You understand that no better time than NOW exists.

If you want to avoid common mistakes, you have to avoid being common. You are unique in your own outright. That in itself provides beauty beyond measures. No duplication exists. Therefore, through constantly celebrating yourself you find that no mistakes truly exist. If you spend your life trying to avoid common mistakes.

A Few Pointers for the Road

Before you go, don’t leave without hearing this. If you want to avoid common mistakes, you’re missing the big picture. Life is an adventure of evolving doors. Some stages of it we don’t like, and many times we do. Life is constantly working in our favor. And sometimes, through our lessons, we experience pain. And from this pain, an opportunity to manifest otherwise.

It was through my most painful moments, I grew the most inches. Not by height, but by wisdom. To look back and see how these lessons remain well reinforced. I am grateful for the many adventures life has allowed me to experience. With breath, all remains well. Sometimes we pick ourselves apart, failing to realize the little things that make life so grand.

Learn to embrace your truth, the person the world can’t live without. Avoid common mistakes, but don’t avoid its lessons. We are all necessary within the seats we hold in this world. Embrace that person. Because with each light that dims, we all suffer. We need all to be at our best in order to provoke change. So let us all rise to this moment, for NOW our time has come.

Join me for Episode #128 – Proven Ways to Develop Your Self-Acceptance. No doors that exist, represent you better than you can represent yourself.  Therefore, the truest acceptance is self-acceptance It is only through your joy shall others find joy in you. You present what you own, so watch what you own. They’re not always for you to keep.

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