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Episode #128 – Proven Ways to Develop Your Self-Acceptance


Self-acceptance? I didn’t even know that to be a thing. I went through long years looking around me for acceptance. Constantly told, for I never learned otherwise. In other words, I was a product of what others said I was. They said, and I followed.

It was a whirlwind, I must admit. Because to be accepted by all, you can sometimes begin to lose yourself. I know this feeling so well, but the lesson I was grateful to have learned at a young age. Self-acceptance would later become apparent to me because I was never able to present myself.

Before I go any further, I think it’s important I define self-acceptance. It’s only right so that we’re all on the same page, right? Its definition suits itself, the true acceptance of oneself, both the positive and negative. 

It’s so easy to celebrate every aspect of you when you’re in full acceptance of yourself. I was born into a standard, so there was so much to live up to. But the more I live the more self-acceptance plays a big role in my life.

Self-acceptance doesn’t mean offering oneself. It means to honor and worship oneself. The understanding that we are enough and worthy of what we’ve been blessed with despite our shortcomings. Achieving the gratitude that transforms your attitude. Now that is magic.

Why Self-Acceptance is A Must

There’s no better cure for living than that of self-acceptance. This one gift itself will transform your life, taking you from living to TRUE living. When you’re embracing yourself fully, no longer do you rely on others to bring you warmth. Because the appreciation for your journey shines you through.

When you’ve allowed yourself to follow this norm, you’ve submitted to shame, guilt, and regret. None of these contribute to a better living. None of these contributed to good health. When you’ve emersed yourself in self-acceptance, a connection is created.


You not only feel closer to yourself, but you are also able to realize how different you are. It isn’t about embracing the side the masses appeal to. It’s about loving the perfect imperfection that you are. Because within your tagged imperfect, somebodies blessing.

Managing Your Journey

Are you still asking yourself what self-acceptance is? You may even want to know how they can go about the interview. Well, because we’ve been brainwashed for so long, a little patience is required. Can you imagine the reprogramming you’ll be going through?

After so many years of handing your life away, self-acceptance takes it all back. It gives you a fresh start at living from an entirely new perspective. It’s a perspective that keeps you alive, filled with a deep appreciation for yourself, all of yourself.

Forgive Yourself. You’re human. Give yourself a break. Through self-acceptance, you will find that forgiving yourself becomes second nature. You will find that simply allowing yourself to make it all easy.

Be Mindful. The world is running, but it’s important that we experience it, at our own pace. Slowing down not only allows you to see, but it also allows you to understand it all.

May Your Feelings be Your Friend. No matter how you feel, it’s important that you embrace it all, big or small. Embrace what you’re feeling, It brings out the best of your experience.

No Comparing. Self-acceptance is a testament to embracing who we are despite who stands before us. Comparing yourself to another person would be a complete waste of your time. You’re far more valuable than that.

Join me for Episode #129 – Tips to Harness Your Mind to See Goodness in Everything. Life is passing us by every second you fail to connect yourself with it. A life disconnected is a life unlived. So change your point of view in order to get the best view.

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