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Episode #129 – Tips to Harness Your Mind to See Goodness in Everything

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You tell me what lens you have on and I’ll tell you what you see. That means, in order to see goodness in anything, goodness must first be possible in our minds. So I guess the real question is, what do you keep on your mind?

We all occupy our minds with so many thoughts flowing a day. The problem with that is that the majority of our thoughts remain negative. Therefore, our minds contain more negative options than positive ones. Therefore, to see goodness in everything, one must first believe that it is possible.

When we fail to maintain a positive mind, we slowly eat into our productivity, our decision-making and our ability to create. When we are not mindful, it makes it harder for us to flow. It makes it harder for us to see goodness even in the places goodness lives.

Beware of the negative impact of negative thoughts. As beautiful as it is to be positive, negativity tends to weigh us down more when we allow it control. Get away from surviving, and start the path of true LIVING. The good news is we all have the ability to see goodness in everything if we allow our brains room to process it as such.

We’re not all born with the necessary tools for LIVING, but we can all attain it.

1. Watch What You Keep On Your Mind

If your thoughts eventually create your reality, then what better place to start. Your thoughts are powerful because your thoughts are the GPS to your human vehicle. Since we’re all creatures of habits, we tend to think of the same negative thoughts. Anxiety, stress, and anger all feed off these thoughts. Therefore, if you don’t see goodness in everything, negativity prevails.

Negative thoughts come, but it is important that we show them the door. In other words, if something bothers you, allow it the same room to leave as you allowed it to enter. Hold on to nothing that doesn’t allow you to see goodness when goodness lives.

2. What are You Grateful for

Before you get out of bed, think about life for a moment. Reflecting on your day can have you see goodness in the day before it happens. It will help you connect with all of the goodness that floats around you. It is there whether you embrace it or not.

Be grateful for the goodness that exists. To see goodness is to be blessed. Because when you see better, you feel better. And when you feel better you’re whole world changes. So keep your thoughts fresh of all of the greatness that you are surrounded with.

3. See Goodness Through Helping Others

see goodness

Let’s be honest, none of us can do it alone. We all need someone. That is what makes the beauty of giving so elaborate. That’s because giving is living. When you exert yourself onto others, a blessing is automatically experienced. The more you do for others, the more you see goodness in the world around you.

Be kind. Help where you can, no matter the size of the gesture. Whether it be opening a door, or simply giving someone an ear in need. Every little bit counts. The joy you feel when you are able to support someone outside of yourself is priceless.

4. Positive People Help You See Goodness in All

Who do you keep in your circle? What kind of energy are they supplying you with? The people you keep around you will dictate the route you take. That’s because we are more likely to be influenced by the ones we give most of our time. So pick people that see goodness. Energy is contagious so be careful of the energy you choose to keep.

5. Protect Your Mind and Body

The key to your movement is all based on what you keep in your mind. Not only that but how the mind is nourished as well. When we take care of our minds and bodies, our mental and physical, happiness lives. Once we are able to keep our mind and body fed, we are able to see goodness more often.

Practicing mindfulness has been detrimental to my growth. It allowed me to see a world I lived in but never knew. It allowed me to see far past what the eye could see, but which the soul could feel. Therefore, when I see goodness, I feel full.

Join me for Episode #130 – Proven Ways to Deal With loneliness. We all get lonely, but who said we couldn’t still live. It was in the times I stayed still that I grew the most. So take advantage of your time so that you too shall find your own way.

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