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Episode #13 – How to Accept the Things You Deserve

Living life, doing the things you deserve, requires very little sacrifice. I believe this because when you accept your voice, you buy into different opportunities and possibilities you were born to fill. It’s far too easy for the goals and excitements to become our own. Therefore, instead of following our hearts, we set out to live the expired dreams of others.

We sometimes stray away from our core, secretly asking ourselves if this world is even ready to receive us. There’s our individuality, and there’s this things you deserve standard systematic way of living that keeps everything and everyone the same. This standardized system has been able to have many question their inner voice that tends to lead you to your destiny.

I believe that the voice you possess is the God in you. That’s the voice that I believe transmits the message as to what your true life should look like. I’d like to compare that voice to a prophet. Because your inner voice is connected to your soul and tends to guide where we can feel the most of this life we live.

You deserve everything your soul desires whether you agree with me or not. Everything about this world screams forever. Many of us live and never truly experience a free life. A life that enables one to freely roam the four corners of the map. You deserve all of the objects or creations you place onto your dream board.

Although we forget, the most beautiful thing life offers us is the ability to create. In other words, life isn’t happening without our contributions. None of the things you love will come to you because it is up to you to create it.

You Can Create the Things You Deserve

You are the creator and everything you touch has the ability to turn into gold. Your destiny, the future that awaits you is all dependent on the decisions you make. Will you allow yourself to be great, or will you continue to wait on some outside force to rescue you. When that inner voice of yours speaks to you, it’s only telling you something you can do though you may not be able to see it.

So many of us have had the opportunity to face adversity and many of us have been able to overcome it. If there is one thing I notice about the people that tend to succeed despite adversity listened. They did great by ignoring the voices of the world while embracing their inner voice.

One voice projects fear and limitations, while the other shares hope, confidence, and faith. The reason those feelings are attached to that voice is that it speaks the truth. The fact that it is fed from the core, it examines your heart and soul before determining what direction to send you in. So listen, so that you can continue to create the things you deserve.

The exchange is about the same as work, but a little more intense. I say this because your life depends on it. With such a natural gift to succeed, the only thing that separates you from the things you deserve is your will. That awaits you, but your hard work will pave the way.

Actions Determine the Outcome

You’ve already won the race. It was already written. If someone told you that you would win the lottery, but the only thing you had to do is buy the ticket, that would be a no brainer right? What if I told you that your inner voice is already telling you and helping you envision your end destination. How would you receive it?

Would you acknowledge your moment and take advantage of the opportunity it continues to present you with? Or would you allow the noise from the voices around you to drown your own? When you acknowledge your inner voice as the messenger of your soul, you feed more. And with that fuel, the energy, and the drive to bulldoze over any barrier that may come in your way.

The inner prophet has already spoken and the revealing of this prophecy will be led by faith, drive, and work. The work may seem hard to you, but when you already know where it’s taking you, you’re already halfway there. Remember, all the things you deserve, you have the ability to produce, the ability to create. No moment is every bigger than what you have to offer. You are both the question and the answer. Where there’s a setback, you’re presented with an opportunity to get back for only you can stop you.

Episodes #14 – When You Give More You Live More. If you’re really interested in knowing what life really comes down to, join me same time next week.

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