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Episode #131 – Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Life

take responsibility

Why not take responsibility for your life? After all, you are the pilot, the author, and the only one responsible for driving yourself to your destination. Have you taken the time to actually evaluate this amazing gift you’ve been given?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, breathe a little. I’m sure you’ll be reminded of your very existence and the opportunities before you. It isn’t hard to take responsibility when we give ourselves permission to take control of things.

This life we’ve all been given is such a precious gift. We are constantly reminded of this gift as life is always providing us with an adventure. Nothing remains the same so we might as well all stop getting used to it.

If you aren’t there yet, that’s fine. We all take time to get to where we need to go in order to get what we want. I’ll share a few ideas that can help get you to take responsibility for your life. After all, the only way to grow is through the acknowledgment of your weaknesses. How else do you get stronger if you haven’t acknowledged what needs building?

1. prioritize Yourself

In order to bring that good ol feelin to anybody, you have to first know the feelin. It’s like trying to sell someone a product you have no knowledge of. I understand. It’s hard to face yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t like we were made comfortable to embrace ourselves fully. Therefore, since the majority could never see you as you are, it’s important that you do. It’s important that you take responsibility to not only acknowledge yourself but also, your road to mastery. We are all incomplete, constantly working towards completion. Don’t let your foot off the gas just yet. You will need of yourself far more than you could ever imagine.

2. Beware of the Blame Game

The easiest thing we can do in any situation is pin the blame on someone else. Short term, it’s easy to blame others for what we do. It’s easier for us to put blame on others than it is for us to look ourselves in the mirror. But long-term, it would be easier to address yourself so that you no longer have to see that side of you anymore. Only when we evolve can we start to release the old in order to live the new. No better change than that.

3. self-reflection helps take responsibility

Are you taking the necessary time to reflect? Life is happening, and it’s happening fast. When we reflect we give ourselves a chance to experience life fully. It’s easy to run through a tunnel, but better are your experiences if you walk through observing all parts along the way. What of your day? How did that go? Was there anything you wish could’ve gone differently? What is that? How would your day be as a result? These questions allow you the opportunity to maintain that growth we all long for.

4. Take Full REsponsbility

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. After all, that’s what life is all about. We experience, we learn, and we act. Whatever we don’t get right the first time, we have the ability to make right the next. No need do we have to worry or fear our wrongs as we are all works in progress. We are all still writing this beautiful script that we get to end highly. As they say, it’s not about how you start, it’s more about how you finish.

take responsibility

Not all of us start at the line in this race of life. Some of us start further behind the most, and that is ok. You may have not been able to dictate where you started, but where you end is on you. So take responsibility for this life you’ve been given. It’s as precious as it comes.

5. Watch the Ones You Keep

Energy is powerful. It has the ability to pull or push you. Based on the direction you intend on going in, it can all be good. We all have this ideal life we long for and we all have that urge to connect. After all, that is life. Without connection, we are dead. But deciding the right connection is key. It either feeds us or slowly kills us all together. So take responsibility for the ones you allow to take space around you.

From the ones you surround yourself with, you are able to grow or shrink. As strong as we may all be, the more we allow certain energies the more chances we’re consumed by them. So keep the ones around you that feed your drive along with your existence. You deserve it, and so does the world.

Join me for Episode #132 – Tips for Finding Joy In Your Everyday Life. Among the things we’ve discussed, we all have the responsibility to find joy in this life. It is our responsibility and no one else’s. Long gone are the days of others making you happy. Because now, you’ll have your own. 

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