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Episode #132 – Tips for Finding Joy In Your Everyday Life

finding joy

Finding joy in your everyday life is essential to your experience in living. We don’t always get what we want, but what we get is never as bad as we make it. As a matter of fact, what we get is actually working to our benefit if we allow space for it.

When you think of finding joy, what comes to your mind? What does it take to light up your world? Is it clear to you? Regardless of what it is, know that joy is everywhere. It isn’t in the things you do, it’s more about how you view what you do.

Many of us confuse joy for happiness. Why the feeling can be similar, one works for you short-term, while the other extends beyond the moment. Finding joy in your life is far more powerful than you can imagine. It doesn’t always come naturally, but with a bit of work, it’s possible.

I’d be foolish if I didn’t express my frustrations. What kind of human would I be if I didn’t experience such emotion? I’ll share a few tips that will help you get off your feet.

Being Present in Present Times

Life is happening and it is happening fairly quickly. No wonder many of us run through life, jumping onto the future before the present. The present is where life is happening and where finding joy is made possible.

Being mindful is everything. It keeps you focused, grounded, and well-connected. Living in the moment goes against constantly feeding the future. Whatever you are doing at any given moment, make sure that you’re present. Because finding joy isn’t a task, it’s a way of living.

The LIttle Things that Make Life Grand

Life is about the little things. We all dream of that one big moment. We all yearn for the big bang, as they say it. But with every milestone lies the steps in between that take you there.

finding joy

Finding joy in life is nothing we have to actually look for. It’s something we simply have to acknowledge. It’s there, it’s happening, only for our acknowledging it as such. We spend too much time overlooking the little things, putting too much focus on the big that has yet to come. That is why celebrating each step is vital.

Finding Joy Through Constant Celebrations

Let’s face it, we all want a reason to celebrate. After all, there’s something about a celebration that just makes us feel so good. Let’s take holidays, for example. We all look forward to the holidays. So much so that we overlook everything else just to get to it.

The beauty in finding joy is that opportunity exists everywhere. It’s true. We have so many reasons to celebrate, allowing us the gratitude life requires. I know we are all busy, but what about the time we possess to share with the ones we love? Well, wait not another day, minute, or holiday as the time of NOW has already presented itself.

Beauty is All Around Us

One thing that brings us all joy is beauty. It doesn’t matter what the source of beauty is, it somehow tends to make us smile. It somehow tends to breathe fresh air into our beings. Ever felt down only to see and smell a beautiful flower? How about, seeing a rainbow after a storm?

What makes finding joy even more exciting is that beauty is everywhere. From the skies we see, to the many people we meet. No matter where we go, where we turn, there’s just no getting away from it.

To find joy isn’t to find life. To find joy is to find gratitude for life itself. There’s no point in finding something that already exists. It’s all a matter of using what we have. It’s within each and every one of us. We have but to look inside in order to find.

I remember my time in engineering school and the struggle that came along with it. It wasn’t until my uncle told me, “Whatever you do, make sure that it is enjoyable.” That stuck with me. That meant that no matter what I chose to do, or where I chose to do it, I would need to create that space of comfort. That’s true beauty. To not have to look for, but rather, create what I wanted. In essence, finding joy isn’t about what we’re given. Sometimes, it’s more about what we are able to create.

Join me for Episode #133 – Tips to Build a Happiness Habit. Finding joy is cool, but finding constant happiness is key. How can you create such an amazing habit? You’ll want to be apart of this dialogue.

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