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Episode #133 – Tips to Build a Happiness Habit

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So how do you build a happiness habit? First of all, it’s possible! Everything you do in your life matters to the overall picture. Therefore, building good habits make all the difference. You know how long it’s been since you’ve been building these bad habits. So be patient with yourself as your journey to shifting things around is underway.

The beauty in all of this is, just like bad habits, good happiness habits are also engrained. You work on building positive habits enough and the next thing you know you’re swimming in positivity. How do you start your days? What do you do in the morning upon rising? The little things you do to start the day will make a big impact on the outcome of your day.

Throughout this journey, remember, that your happiness is yours and is like no one else’s. Be not fooled by the joys of others as if they were to be your own. We all enjoy life differently. That is why your happiness habits, may differ from those around you. We all have our own styles and we are all different. Keeping this in mind while creating your version is key.

I’ll share with you a few things that will contribute to your happiness habits.

Just Smile

There is no reason not to. I’ve heard all the reasons why we accept our anger, our sadness, and our pain, which are valid. But our focus is everything, and whether we acknowledge it or not, there are plenty of reasons for smiles to exist.

One of the major ways I contribute to my happiness habit is by smiling. A smile is medicine. I learned this. The more I used it the more I realized the cures it brings. The most amazing thing about a smile is you don’t have to have a reason to use it. Because once you use it, the reason comes. The feeling it provides is like no other.

So if you’re feeling low, put your smile on display. Not for others to see. But rather, for you to feel an alternative option that exists.

Happiness Habits Don’t Include Your Phone

Leave the phone behind. There is no greater distraction than being consumed by the virtual world. With everything being available to us on our phones, too many of us find ourselves attached. Ever had the feeling of leaving home only to have forgotten your phone? All anxiety kicks in, doesn’t it?

To build happiness habits, one must be present. There is no way to improve upon things if you are not connected to the moment that allows it to. Be present. Enjoy the company you keep within the moments you are blessed to experience.

Practice gratitude

happiness habits

Everything I ever thought I needed, I always ended have more of to begin with. That’s because, just when I thought I couldn’t do without the new phone I wanted, there was more. Sometimes we get so caught up in the things we don’t have that we lose sight of what’s in front of us.

The happiness habits I live by allow me to see how full I am even when the world is telling me otherwise. I may not have the nicest car, but I am grateful full my legs. I may not have the nicest home, but I am grateful for the love that fills it. We have all been presented with an abundance of things we may be unable to see. A new lens changes everything.

Take a deep breath and take a moment to take in everything around you. Try not to separate the things you like from what you don’t. That is not the goal here. Take a deep breath and acknowledge the world around you. I know it’s moving fast, but STOP…for just a moment. You owe it to yourself to build these happiness habits.

One day we are here, the next…only our deeds live on. Therefore, there is one way out of here, so we might as well travel that road the best we can. Happiness is like an assorted platter. So many to choose from, but we can only experience so much. Find what makes you move, and move with that.

Join me for Episode #134 – 5 Practical Ways to Live the Best of Your Life. We are here for a limited of time. So we might as well make the time we are here the best of our lives. After all, there’s no going back from here. Leave it all on the table. Pour all of you until there is nothing left.

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