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Episode #134 – 5 Practical Ways to Live the Best of Your Life

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We’re only here for a short time. Therefore, it’s only right we live the best of our lives NOW. I’m not talking about later, nor am I talking about tomorrow. I mean, right now, this very instant. No better time to change pace than now.

It’s easy to be bored with life as it is. We get so consumed by what it should look like by thy world around us, that we find it hard to enjoy what’s in front of us. The sad thing about it is, that it is all over temporary desires. These things change with the wind. One minute it’s hot, and the next, passé. To live the best life for you, the life living must be yours.

Sometimes it’s easy to confuse an illusion for your own reality. Take a moment to think about where you are and how you’ve gotten here. There was no mistake. Due to the fact that we only really live within our imaginations for just a short period of time, it’s easy to get confused. The key to live the best life you can is simplifying it all together. It isn’t complex, nor was it meant to be.

1. To Live the Best You Gotta Start/End Right

The beginning of each day is a testament to what the remainder will look like. Think about it. What you feel about any event before exploring it will set the tone to your experience. This means, that if you feel like your day will be amazing, you will find your way to that destination. But if you feel as though your day will be miserable, that is all your lens will allow you to see, therefore experience.

When we start our day the right way, we give ourselves an opportunity. It’s on us because it is through our allowing we either experience good or bad. Although things may not initially pan out, how we receive and define them makes all the difference. So start the day with a smile and a dose of optimism. With that alone, there’s hope for the day.

2. Live in Gratitude

The greatest gift life gives us goes unnoticed. It’s unfortunate because the gifts that we are constantly served, the riches person couldn’t afford. As a matter of fact, the gifts we’re blessed with, the world’s funds combined couldn’t put a dent in it. Therefore, to live the best life is actually simple. We have but to open our eyes for the many blessings that we’ve been given to take form. It’s not that it’s not there. it may just be that you’re failing to look in its direction.

3. Giving is the Best Form of Living

live the bestThere is no greater way to live than to be an extension of others. We were all made to see, smell, hear, touch, taste, and feel. No better way to accomplish this than through connecting with the world around us. We are all connected through our disconnect. To live the best life, it’s necessary that we explore one another, and connect with one another so that we show up for one another.

The power in giving is actually living. That’s because we get to focus on other things besides our own selfish desires. We actually get a true sense of fulfillment when we can add value to the lives of others. Deep down inside, we all love the feeling of contributing to a cause greater than just ourselves. Knowing that we can add value to someone’s life adds value to ours.

4. Celebrate Constantly to Live the Best

Life is a constant rolling of celebration. It’s there whether we open our eyes to it or not. It is only waiting for us to take part in it. We are all going through life in the best manner we can. We aim with hopes to reach. And when we set our marks, it isn’t always comfortable for us to achieve them. But every step counts, for to have walked 100 miles, one step was taken.

So celebrate constantly so that you live the best life you can possibly live. it doesn’t matter how small, celebrate it all the same. Because the most important celebration is always the current one.

5. Fall in Love with Yourself

You’re a celebration just waiting to happen. Have you taken the time to acknowledge that? Believe it or not, but of all the steps, this is the most important. To live the best life you can possibly live you have to honor the drive of the vessel. It is important that you nurture and maintain the vehicle responsible for navigating you through life.

Love yourself. Not only do you deserve it, but so does the world. When you love yourself you are presenting an entirely different package. You are presenting someone worth receiving love from others. What you present is indeed what you receive. Energy works that way. So like an American Express, never leave home without the love you hold for yourself.

Join me for Episode #135 – Unintentional Mistakes to Avoid When You Are in a New Relationship. We are all still learning to govern the relationship between us and ourselves. No wonder the challenge, or the adventure that presents when we mingle with others. Many times, our relationships end up suffering due to mistakes we make before entering them.

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