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Episode #136 – How to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong

stay strong

Things go wrong in life, so whatever you do, stay strong. I truly thought life came with challenges until I realized that no challenges exists at all. The challenges that exist are the ones that we create. Life isn’t the enemy, it is our friend. When we treat it that way, we are gifted with an entire different perspective.

What keeps us separated from life isn’t our experiences. It’s the way we view and interpret them altogether. The truth is, that our own views create the limitations we experience. That’s right, we are governed by the lens we wear. Like they say, “What you see is what you get.

When I say stay strong, it’s not of strength I speak. I say that because there are a lot of us that give up ourselves in exchange for general acceptance. Therefore I say this with the hope that the world experiences the version of you that is real. Our differences and our uniqueness is what makes us necessary within our place in the world.

Rather than preach stay strong, I’ll share with you a few pointers on what you do to remain connected when life happens.

To find Breathe is to Stay Strong

When life hits, it’s easy to lose your place in thought. Every time I experience a headache, the first thing I can think of is breath. That’s because when my mind is consumed by the outward, I trade in my breath for thoughts. When that happens, that huge thump comes roaring.


No better feeling than reconnecting with one’s breath, and understanding what’s more important. Too often are we consumed by things that matter less only to eliminate the things that do. When I say stay strong, I say stay connected. I say let not any outward force distract you from your many blessing. With each breath, we are reminded of the life we still possess.

A Reminder of What Little Things Are Worth

Yes, life is happening with so much to pick from. So much so that we sometimes forget about the little things that make life so grand. Stay strong through the adventures of life by recognizing the many mini gifts that life consistently blesses us with.

Open your eyes to the entire picture that life presents us with. Don’t be so consumed by one aspect of it all that you miss out on the other side of things. We are all presented with the same abundance. Some of us have open our eyes to it, while many still are blind to the entire concept.

With Acknowledgement Comes Gratitude

Swimming in such abundance, it is important to acknowledge and show appreciation for it all. What better way than to take our time to admire these things so we see how we benefit from them. With gratitude, we can experience a life that gives us more than we can do with.

The more connected you are to yourself, the more you realize your place and the gift you present. Stay strong not to hold back, but rather, let go of all of the things keeping you from elevating to where you ought to be.

stay strong

Take the time to look around you as to acknowledge all of the many blessings. They exist whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. They are all floating all around only waiting to be received. So stay strong, not to protect yourself, but only to allow yourself to experience, to breathe, to truly live.

Life is but an experience of a lifetime. It measures differently for each of us. Therefore, finding our way within it can sometimes find a bit challenging. Embrace the adventure and everything it represents. Because behind it all You’ll find that when I say stay strong, I mean keep it together. I mean hold on to everything that you are

Join me for Episode #137 – How to Set Intention For Having a Positive Life Experience. As I endlessly say, life is beautiful. Actually, the most amazing gift we’ve ever been given is life itself. The more we indulge in it, the more fulfilling it will be.

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