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Episode #137 – How to Set Intentions for Having a Positive Life Experience 

set your intentions

It’s important to set intentions if you intend on anything happening in your favor. After all, everything we want in this life starts with us. I mean, how else are you able to receive a thing if you’re not focused on it?

Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives. So much so that we fail to find time for a basic morning meal. We move along making ourselves believe that the time just isn’t there. If you fail to set your intentions, how could you ever combat that? It’s important, believe me. Your day relies on you to do so.

When you set your intentions, the benefit is instant. It’s not just by words, but also, by mind, body, and soul. It takes a little digging, but getting to the bottom of things is worth it. The more committed you are to your goals the more you’re able to appreciate the power of intent.

What are you currently doing to make sure that you set your intentions daily?

How you Set Your Intentions

1. Speak Your Intentions

So you know what you want right? Well, if it stays in your mind, never making it onto paper, it never happened. But a simple record keeps you accountable for what it is you want.

It wasn’t until I was able to see the path before it was created, was I able to reach it. I know the feeling. It can be hard to see things that seem to be out of reach. But without setting your intention, how will you ever see where it is you are going? Better yet, how will you ever be able to get there?

Take a simple moment out of your day to set the tone. Just say it! No need to think too hard. It’s not a dissertation. It’s an intention. And setting these daily intentions is the difference between winning and losing the day. You set your mark, no one else does.

2. Be Transparent

Whatever your intentions may be, it’s important that you are clear on what you want and believe about the end goal you look to meet. Because of this, it’s important that we are conscious about where we put our focus and attention. What other way can you see what you want long before it occurs?daily intentions

Knowing what you want is one thing that will help you better focus where it is you want to put your energy. Life is no straight road, that’s for sure. But the daily intentions you keep will help you stay on course even when things seem a bit rough or challenging. They are only there as a reminder of why you do what you do so that you get the results you seek.

3. Set your Intentions Positively

When setting your daily intentions, just remember that it can be anything you desire. It isn’t an end-all event. Rather, it works as a GPS system that directs you and your energy toward your goals, your dreams, and all that you desire.

I start my intentions every day so that I see the day as I see it fit. It’s a start, a direction taken to ensure that all that is on my man transfers over to reality. The power of your daily intentions is witnessed once you start to embody what it looks like. At the end of the day, your intentions are how your reality is created.

4. No Need to Complicate Things

When you set your intentions, don’t overthink it. As long as it is real to you, it should make sense. After all, you are not creating someone else’s. You’re creating your own.

What do you want your day to look like? Are there any things that you have on your list that could contribute to more productivity once completed? Well, set an intention for that as well. For example, in writing the book That Good ol Feelin – Creating the Love You Desire I realized that it would never be without my daily intentions.

The more you get used to implementing daily intentions, the easier they become part of your life. Sky’s the limit from there. Remember, there is no real reason to overthink things. Know what you want, state it, and begin to see it through your vision. Be patient. It’ll come.

5. Change the Way You Think

We all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing our visions through. The problem with limiting beliefs is they negatively impact whatever goal or dream you’re aiming to reach. Because your dreams are important, it’s important to understand the effect of the doubts you keep.daily intentions

Your inability to believe in your possible achievements can create a barrier between you and your goals. You don’t want that. So reword your mindset and allow your daily intentions to take you as far as your vision can see.

Join me for Episode #138 – Proven Ways to Bounce Back From Failure Quickly. We all experience setbacks, one way or another. But those that look to cross their finish line need not stay there for too long. As they say, it, wipe yourself off, and get right back to it. You’ll thank yourself later.

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