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Episode #138 – Proven Ways to Bounce Back From Failure Quickly

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How do you bounce back from failure? To your surprise, there is a hand full of successful moguls that encourage failure. One of them, Elon Musk, was once quoted saying, “If you’re not failing, you’re not innovating.” With that being said, there’s something to be said about failure and how our view of it shifts our entire direction.

The beautiful thing is, I’ve seen failure all my life. I know what it looks like. But what I also know is how it feels to operate within those realms. I’ll tell you one thing, it isn’t easy. But you know what else isn’t easy? Not allowing yourself to bounce back, keeping you in a place that fails to serve your purpose.

I’ve not met one successful person that didn’t experience this feat. Success isn’t only defined by the win. Rather, it’s defined by how you cope with the losses and the setbacks along the way. At the end of the day, the road is forward, not backward. Therefore, in order to bounce back effectively, your focus is to be on where it is you intend on going. Not the other way around.

Redirect Your Focus to Bounce Back

You hear the term, never give up all the time. We hear the term, no matter what you do, keep going. After all, forward moving takes you closer every time even if it is not at the rate you want it to be. It’s not about how much you do in a certain period of time. It’s more about continuing forward despite the circumstances.

If you’re the type to jump right into things, there is no doubt that hiccups will occur. The feeling of discouragement kicks because we all want to win at whatever we do. Failing hurts because it’s never the outcome we tend to look for. We picture the celebration, and no real celebration tends to come out of a loss.

bounce back

Take it East and Plan it Out

We all want to run. But sometimes running isn’t the best thing. Sometimes, in order to better bounce back from events, we have to pace ourselves through them. There’s never a real need to rush things through. Too many times do we base our timelines on what others around us are doing. We are all independent from one another and should live as such.

What is successful for someone else may not be defined as a success by you. Therefore, measuring your success, your timeline against someone else is never the way to go. There’s one thing to gain inspiration from someone and a completely different to mirror them. The problem with that is your gift gets lost in it all.

So take your time and do it right. Take your time and do it the way that makes sense to you. Because if it makes sense to you, there’s a great chance you’re moving along with your eyes closed. And if that’s the case, your ability to bounce back will be diminished. Understanding allows you to find the necessary ways to maneuver when things get tight.

Make the Best of Your Failures

“What’s the worse that can happen,” Dr. Bloetcher would say. He was my engineering professor back in college. He would get us to think about the problem long before we got to it. Of course, we all dislike problems, but it is from these problems many solutions are found. So how do you bounce back from failure?

First of all, start by redefining them. Are you really failing, or are you learning? Better yet, are you really failing, or are you simply growing right before your eyes? Every event in our lives serves as a manual of growth. The more of these experiences you can put under your belt, the more of a possibility you have to bounce back from it all.

Let’s face it, the successful many successful people that exist have learned valuable lessons. And from these lessons, the knowledge and experience to continue pushing through. Nothing happens overnight unless they do. So for the most part, patience will have to be our friend. I say this to you, but I say this to me too.

From Lessons We Bounce Back Stronger

We all encounter challenges. It is from these challenges we derive our many lessons. It is from these challenges we get the knowledge to build and rectify our ignorance. Remember, when you know better you do better, so how are you to bounce back without first learning?

Fortunately the lessons we learn put us in a position to prevent it from happening again. So embrace the many lessons. Take them in and give them a place to live. Not only will you be a source, but you will also be an inspiration to the many that need it.

People will have a lot to say. Such is life. Opinions live everywhere. Everyone has something to say, both about what they do know and what they don’t. That’s human nature. That is why it is never any of your business what someone else’s opinion is. It’s exactly what it is, there’s. So no need to take ownership of what you don’t want when you can take ownership of what you do.

Join me for Episode #139 – Tips to Making Progress in Your Life. Progress is essential to our existence. They only label progress the advance we make within our lack of knowledge. After all, how do you measure progress on something you’re already proficient at? It’s your life and you have the ability to do so much with it.

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