Episode #139 - Tips to Making Progress in Your Life - That Good ol Feelin

 Episode #139 – Tips to Making Progress in Your Life

making progress

We are all here for a reason. That very reason is identified as your purpose. Therefore, if you are not making progress towards it, you are living a deadly life. Not that it is life-threatening, but it really is.

The question is, what is it are you focusing on making progress in? Where ever your focus lies is where you will physically drive. Despite our going through challenges (or adventures as I like to call them), all of our challenges never remain the same.

Therefore, what can be challenging for you, may not be for someone else. Or, what others find adventurous, you may find no interest in. Because of this, I’ll direct my focus to a few pointers that many of us can relate to and need. With that, making progress may only be a walk in the park.

Making Progress with Self-LOve

Love yourself. As beautiful and straightforward as it sounds, it’s one of the things many of us continue to struggle with. Let’s face it, the majority of us were never taught to love ourselves. We were mostly taught to look at things from an external aspect.

Then came the system to put things in order, so they think. But the truth is, the system created just that, a system. We are all subjected to it the same way. If you don’t believe me, take some time to turn on your television. Within that time alone you’ll see the system in full swing. Making progress could never be a box.

It’s everything within it, and outside of it as well.

Allow Judgement No Room to Live

Because of these standards society has set, many of us believe that making progress is living up to those beliefs. We believe that the standard is set and that everyone should follow. It is from this very standard that we place judgment on those that fall beneath it. Or above, as I’d like to say.

Making progress needs no room for judgment, After all, those that truly understand that concept celebrates rather than hate. The concept of winning has no room for envy. Because those that understand what it is to truly win, celebrate with those that do.

making progress

Understanding our place in this world and what we want our standard to set us free. That’s because when we allow ourselves to be, we give ourselves permission to allow others as well. I have to be honest, I was definitely a judge. The truth is, we all are to some degree. Whether it be our neighbors or ourselves.

That is why it is important that we are intentional about how we step into this work. Making progress is boxing people in within a standard. It’s actually finding appreciation for the differences others bring to the table in creating their own. So live so that you find space to accept others as they find theirs.

Free Yourself

When I say free yourself, I’m not saying that you’re in bondage. When I say free yourself I’m urging you to present your true self. I’m asking that you transparently show the world who you really are. Making progress for me is that I find an appreciation for truth. Our truth to the world is who we are when no one is watching.

The constant interpretation of oneself is essential to one’s success, whatever that success may be. What your dreams and aspirations are I have no say in. The only thing that I ask is that you free that part of you that seeks to live. I mean the side that wants the exposure you continue to hide it from.making progress

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. I don’t care about the noise you continue to allow space. I’m talking about the part of you that you fail to allow breath. I truly believe that life starts once you start giving yourself permission to follow through. Not only do you need it, but the world also does too.

Join me for Episode # 140 – How to Follow Your Intuition to Change Your Life. Ignore the noise and start listening to that inner voice you’ve ignored for so long. If you happen to feel stuck, there’s a great chance that your voice of yours isn’t being heard.

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