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Episode # 140 – How to Follow Your Intuition to Change Your Life

follow your intuitionWhen you follow your intuition, you’re typically following the GPS to your internal system. No matter how much you may try to put it in words, you find that it’s a feelin many find hard to explain. It’s like trying to explain to someone how the wind feels. That would be a bit difficult wouldn’t it?

The problem with intuition is that we tend to drown it out because we fail to acknowledge its existence. It’s as if the noise on the outside of us drowns that of your own. It’s not that you’re not interested in hearing it out, It’s just that you’re too far disconnected from it to feel its presence. Do yourself a favor and build that new habit.

Now, more than ever, with social media the noise has gotten even louder. That means our ability to connect with ourselves has just gotten a bit tougher. So much to see and do that you neglect to follow your intuition, the one guide that matters most. Could you imagine crossing the street without looking both ways? I’m sure you wouldn’t recommend that, would you?

Taking a trip down memory lane allows us to recognize the many opportunities we’ve passed up due to our failure to recognize such. By no means am I saying that your following your intuition is easy. That’s because we all have some unloading to do to some degree. It’s all a matter of silencing the outside noise enough to hear your own.

Remember, when you follow your intuition, you’re listening to what you need. The rest is up to you.

No Words Can Explain

For you to follow your intuition, you must understand its importance. Many of us go our entire lives not realizing just how our experiences shape our intuitions. That is why it is important that we pay attention constantly to what is constantly being said.

follow your intuition
There’s nothing logical about the way we process things. It’s more about how we feel within the realms of our environment. It’s all about how we show up to our senses of something that may or may not be ahead. If you follow your intuition, you’ll find that it’s no different from a Yield or Stop sign.

It is from your ability to follow your intuition, you will find all the signals at your fingertips.

Follow Your Intuition Through Your GPS


There is no way you can improve any aspect of your life until you follow your intuition. And there is no way you can do so unless you start learning how to drown out the outside noise. We all have ears to listen to, but not all of us hear what we know is best for us.

The outside world won’t ever stop talking, so learning to connect with oneself is crucial. It’s like feeling our own heartbeat, reminding us that we are here. It’s a reminder of what we are, how we are, and where we are. Just a moment of being present can change things a great deal.

If you’re anything like me, the business of this world can leave you stuck. Because of this, I have found the importance of taking time for myself. Whether it be to think, reflect, or meditate, I know just how important that time may feel.

For you to follow your intuition, knowing when to step away is vital. It allows you to play the sidelines while everything continues to happen. It’s almost like putting a pause on your life in order to jump back into a more fluid and present.

Here are some final things to keep in mind in allowing your intuition room to live.

Your INtuition is Everything

  • Mindfulness: Mindfulness is one of the key tools available for you to help follow your intuition. It’s simply being grounded in the present moment and its abundance. There is so much to see and receive when we are open to it. Be mindful of what you want and what you’ve allowed to stand in your way.
  • Listen:  A lot of us believe that listening is all in the ears. But the truth is, many times we speak silently. The voice is only heard through connectivity. It’s like you and your mate locked eyes and understood one another without a word. That’s what connectivity is all about and I can’t wait to see you connect with yourself that way.
  • Allow Life: When you follow your intuition, it should never feel like a job. On the other hand, it should feel like a way of living. That is why connecting with yourself and that voice that constantly speaks is vital to your life’s story. Embrace it as it is the bridge between where you are and where you’re aiming to go.

Join me for Episode #141 – Reclaim Your Life from Distraction. As we’ve discussed, sometimes the only thing that stands between you and your ideal life is the noise outside of you. The more noise you can quiet down on the outside, the more of your voice you’ll begin to start hearing.

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