You’ve heard of the two-for-one deal that unhappy people offer right? That means, for every good you present them with, they’ll find you two bad to match. This is where emotional intelligence comes into play.

1. Waiting Instead of Creating

One thing that unhappy people tend to do is wait. Of course, patience is a great trait to have, but waiting helplessly is a bit different. Many of us wait for the stars to align before we start to allow ourselves a chance at joy. We wait and wait and wait only to find that the very thing we’re waiting for has been waiting for us. That’s because happiness isn’t given, it is created. Happiness is about taking what you don’t need and creating from it what you do.

2. Material Possessions Don’t Make You Happy

Ever seen someone successful constantly spending? They buy the newest car, the best house on the block, and all the new pieces of technology this world has to offer. But yet, the happiness that they thought would come along with it is nowhere to be found. Research has proven time and time again that material things don’t add the value we associate them with.

3. Unhappy People Should Get Out

It’s far too easy to grab a seat when you’re going through things. Let’s face it. When we are going through the motions of life, we feel stuck. That’s because, until we experience the solution we are looking for, we allow ourselves no movement. It’s easy to stay home and crank away at the television, but this is one aspect of life where moving is far better than standing still. The more you feel the urge to stay put, the more you should be getting out.

4. You Are Not A Victim

All of the unhappy people I’ve met have had the ‘why me’ mentality. They believe that life is happening to them and they just can’t seem to catch a break. The sad thing is, they fail to see all of the beauty that life has provided them with. They fail to see the constant happenings of life that are actually in their favor. We don’t always get what we want, but we sure get way much more. Just like the skies, it’s there, whether you’re open to receiving it or not.

5. Lack of Positivity Lives in Unhappy People

As a positive person, I’ve experienced my positivity being turned down. That’s where the tit-for-tat begins. No matter what unhappy people experience, it always seems to be the end for them. Therefore, they live within their expectations of unhappiness and wonder why negativity continues to find them.

6. Lack of Appreciation

We’ve all been around the ones that just can’t stop complaining. When you continue to live in a negative space, all you find is negativity to speak on. When you pile on the negatives associated with anything, that is all you will tend to see. Not only does the negative find you, but the good can sometimes be received as negative as well.

7. SMall Things Become Big

Let’s be realistic. We all experience mishaps. No matter your state of mind or your walk of life, you’re bound to have things happen. The way unhappy people receive is different from the positive people do. While the positive mind sees the light beyond the tunnel, the negative soul uses the negative to affirm their unhappy ways.unhappy people

8. It’s Just A Bump In the Road

Happy people are not easily slowed down. That’s because the energy they bring doesn’t break if it takes a hit. It may slow them down just a bit, but stopping is never the way. On the other hand, unhappy people will find possibilities in places where no problems exist. They will create, absorb, and embrace problems despite the magnitude of the problem.

9. Lack of Growth

Because unhappy people tend to be stuck. Moving forward for them is about as easy as walking in quicksand, or cement for that matter. They take no action, but sit back and allow action to be directed toward them.

10. Following the Crowd

When are unable to create the happiness we desire, sometimes we live it through others. That means, we sometimes measure our happiness against the world around us. This means we want to live the way everyone else is regardless of how it resonates with us. They find themselves being led rather than leading the way to their preferred destination.

If we are to live a happy life, we have to start changing what we do. If it hasn’t yet worked, there’s a great chance it won’t. So be intentional about regaining your life so that you always remain in the driver’s seat.

Join me for Episode #143 – Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person. We know we have much work to do within. After all, it takes constant effort to maintain goodness. Let’s enjoy this topic of tips for manifesting the right person in your life.