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Episode #143 – Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

finding the right person

If you’re struggling to look for the right person in your life, there’s a great chance you’re not the only one. So you’re single and looking to explore this phenomenon called love, right? While you’re not the only one experiencing these challenges, you’re only a few steps away from changing things around.

The truth is, although we all long for this love, our road to not finding it isn’t always the same. That is because on our quest to finding the right person, most of us experience a few bumps along the way. Some of us find it hard to meet people while others are challenged with keeping the ones they meet.

Due to the countless amount of love stories we see on the big screens, we yearn, but still, find it hard to find. Don’t let the fairy tales fool you. It may not be like what we see, but believe me, it can still be. I mean, really, find the right.

What Stands in the Way of Love

Let’s be honest, when we’re single we tend to long for companionship. But, when we experience the very connection we seek, after a while, we start thinking of the good ol single days. No matter how you cut the slice, each side comes with its reward. But, if you’re truly ready for companionship, with the willingness of going all in, being patient can be a hard ask.finding the right person

I was just having a conversation with a friend about how the events we experience sometimes alter our future experiences. Think about it for a minute.  Teen conversations are far more open and free than that of the experienced. That’s what makes finding the right person a bit challenging.

The more we experience, the more we have to measure. We take our experiences and take steps to prevent them the next time around. The more we learn, the more precautions we take. And the more precaution we take, the less of our true selves we gift. It’s hard getting what you want when you fail to give in fully.

What’s A Nourishing Relationship Like?

We all yearn for the connections we see but have no idea how to truly develop something anywhere near it. Therefore we jump into relationships without a clue in the world how it works. So two people come together, carrying different expectations while anticipating the same result. That’s not a healthy relationship.

It’s one thing to seek relationships, but another to seek one that is nourishing. Think about a team for a moment. No matter how great one player is, he or she must engage and rely on their teammates in order to experience success. Each person must be willing to drop the I for the sake of US. Finding the right person is one thing, but maintaining a love sustainable is where the magic happens. As it pertains to a relationship that’s well nourished, the following apply:

    • Be willing to receive the right person. If you’re still looking both ways before crossing the street, you’re thinking love, not feeling it.
    • The Art of accepting. We all enjoy life in our own way. If you plan on finding the right person, you have to be willing to accept differences as what they are, differences. Our ability to receive different perspectives opens the door to comfort. We don’t have to agree to be.
    • A life that lives beyond the relationship. In order to keep the romance a flow, it’s important to not lose your identity. You are each different and that is completely okay. So enjoy what you love to do and remain connected with your family and friends.

finding the right person

  • Be transparent always. It is only through transparency can we truly present ourselves and receive the one we seek. Finding the right person isn’t magic. It’s something we must be intentional about. We must not only ask to get through the door, but we must be willing to step in. Therefore, if it is something true we seek, it is truth we present.

Finding the Right Person in You

We’re constantly told what to look for, but not too much about what to present. We walk around as judges, monitoring our prospects, and checking off our list along the way. Our approach is more as the receiver than the giver. Too many times do we believe that finding the right person depends on the people we meet.

In reality, finding the right person is more about presenting the right person to the world. It’s not just about what we gain, but it’s more about how much we can give in return. That’s what nourishing a relationship is all about. We have to be willing to jointly approach it selflessly.

Join me for Episode #144 – Easy Ways to Stop Getting Distracted and Increase Your Focus. You know what you want, so what’s stopping you? It’s time we start, not only wanting something but be also put in the work that allows it to take space.

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