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Episode #144 – Easy Ways to Stop Getting Distracted and Increase Your Focus

getting distracted

Let’s face it. It has never been Whether you are still in college or just simply trying to maintain a real-life job, getting distracted can hurt productivity. But the truth is, most of us get distracted by this infested world of technology. Whether it be, a text message or simply social media notifications, our attention is constantly being pulled.so hard to focus as it has been for us in the last decade. With the increase of distractions around us, it’s no wonder we get distracted the way we do. To better help you get right to it, here are a few steps that will help elevate your productivity.

Compile a To-Do List

If you’re juggling multiple projects, whether it be school or work, I can imagine your level of stress. I’ve gone through it as well. Working on more than one task can cause you to forget things about another.

Imagine what a difference a schedule would make in organizing your work. That would include not only organizing deadlines but also managing time to perform work efficiently. When are you the most productive? Think about it for a minute. If you can pinpoint a time when you’re the most efficient, imagine the changes that take place.

If you’re not walking around with a planner or notebook, how are you to track your progress? How are you to see any form of improvement if you are not able to track them? Whatever you do, understand that getting distracted is normal. Just getting distractedsimply writing things down makes a huge difference.

Allow Time to Disconnect You From Getting Distracted

Notifications. We all get them, whether it be through emails, text messaging, or just an app push notification. So the next time you’re up for a bit of productivity, try disconnecting. Simply shut off the source so that getting distracted becomes impossible.


The internet can be a bit tricky as well. If you were like me, you’re probably having a hard time minimizing your tabs on your browser. It’s easy to say that we’ll leave it with the idea that we’ll need that tab for later. But how true is that statement?

Break it All Down

It’s so hard to see any sign of accomplishment when a task stands so tall before us. So how do you overcome such a huge feat? As we all know, nothing big comes into existence without first starting off small.

The best way to refrain from getting distracted is by preventing ourselves from feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, if you are able to break things down, the illusion of hardship can be diminished. Once you break it all down, that one large chunk becomes tiny pieces you can better manage.

Environment Keeps from Getting Distracted

We all work differently. Therefore, what may affect one person, may not necessarily affect another. The best way to connect with your work is by choosing an environment that compliments connectivity.

Maybe you’re the type of person that would prefer working in the library where it is quiet. On the other hand, you may like the noise and consider it white noise. If you ask me, it varies. It all depends on what I am currently working on. In some of the work I do, I need silence while others require a bit of background noise. Know your style so that getting distracted is not an option.

Keep Your Area Tidy

How many times have you walked into someone’s office, only to be separated by their piles of paper and books? How many times have you placed a few notes on your computer only to have them stay there for an extended period of time? If you’re constantly getting distracted, now you know why.


We all look for wins in our lives. That’s because we all want that feeling of being fulfilled. That is why, throughout your journey, it is important that you create a system that keeps you motivated. If you’ve finished a portion of your work, celebrate. Because the celebration propels you to create more moments to celebrate.

Join me for Episode #145 – Daily Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Mindset. Getting things done and staying free from getting distracted requires a certain kind of mindset. Let’s see how we can go about getting our minds right so that we start seeing life in its best version.

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