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Episode #148 – Clarifying the Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Life

With the new year right around the corner, you may find yourself wanting to implement some amazing hacks that can improve your life. That’s because there is something about a new year that allows us a fresh start. But, a study shows that while many of us try, only 9 percent of us are actually successful.

So, instead of following the masses and making next year the “it” year, try something different. We sometimes want to do an overhaul with our leaves. We do this because we feel so overwhelmed, but seeking amazing hacks that can improve your life is a way better option.

I had to put a pause on things when I started to realize just how disconnected I was. I was moving 100 miles per hour while still standing still. How can you improve your life if you’re running in place? That’s a hard feat to accept.

It wasn’t until I applied more focus in the right area did I begin to feel the improvement I once seemed. Here are a few things I’ve been doing to help me and that can help you improve your life to a whole other level.

1. NO Phone Can Improve Your Life

Now I know what times we are living in. Distractions are something easy to come by. That is one component that I needed to focus on. I had so many goals with a hand full of distractions to match. To improve your life instantly, it’s important that you differentiate what’s important from what isn’t.

amazing hack

Now, I’m not saying this is easy, but knowing what you want and why it’s important, goes a long way. Nothing like an amazing hack to bring it home. In order to overcome the challenges of working 3 jobs while paying my way through college I had to do some sacrificing.

I knew what I wanted, but I knew what was holding me back from achieving it. How many of you seek to improve your lives in such a manner? Can you imagine a life without a cell phone? Well, that is exactly what I had to do to get to where I wanted to be.

2. WHat Good is Social Media to You

When you think of social media, what is it that comes to your mind?  With so much information being spewed out of these platforms every single day, it’s no wonder we spend so much time there. From sports to politics, right back to just pure gossip.

You take your pick, it’s there. To improve your life, it’s important that you think about what it is that is worth your time. For me, I always saw social media as a distraction. That’s because the way I was using it brought no real value to my life.

So I made the decision to cut it all off altogether. The moment I did so, it was as if a weight had been lifted off of my back. I felt lighter and better instantly. That’s because by eliminating this platform, I was able to take away a hand full of excuses I had been creating through Facebook because it was gone.

Out went social media and in came all the time I needed to achieve what I needed and boy did it feel good.

3. Take A Few TAsks A Day and Execute Them

Think about it. What are some action steps you can be taking right now that can benefit your overall goals? So to better aim where you want to hit, focus on the tasks that will allow you to achieve your dreams and goals.amazing hack

Make a short list that you know will improve your life. How does it feel? Make sure that what you are listing, you can achieve. If you are to improve your life, it’s important that you set realistic goals you can actually reach. That in itself has the ability to boost your confidence to a higher level.

The more you are able to execute your mini goals, the more motivated you are to attack more. Right after that, don’t let it cool off. Work on another set of tasks.

Join me for Episode #149 – Easy Thing to Do to Change Your Life. We are all seeking to change our lives in some form or fashion. That’s because, as imperfect human beings, we have more than enough things we can do well to change for the sake of our progress.

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