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Episode #149 – 5 Easy Things to Do to Change Your Perspective

change your perspective

There are so many things you can do to change your perspective in life. These very things will dictate how you change your life. But, these very things you choose to do will most likely depend on what your individual goals are. That includes your circumstances. Among other things, most of us require changes within our careers, relationships, habits, and our overall well-being.

To dive right into the process of making this change to your perspective, it’s essential that you start to reflect on why. That’s right, it’s important as it will determine how clear you are in what it is you want to change. Once clarity is achieved, we can then start the plan.

This will involve some serious specific goal setting, identifying each step to achieving those goals. Whatever you do, don’t forget to track your progress.

Patience is everything. In order to change your perspective, you will need a bit of grace from yourself. We all want others to be kind and patient with us, but how often do we apply that to ourselves? I can’t say change is always easy, but positivity bridges the gap.

1. Set Goals That Can Change Your Perspective

What is it that you’re wanting to achieve within any area of your life? Whether it be your career, relationships, or personal growth, having clear goals help with your focus. You want to change your perspective? Try focusing on goals that are measurable.

Think about it. If you’re busy working on achieving something that is quite impossible, how will you find motivation? When you change what you’ve been doing, that didn’t work, you in turn, change your perspective on what got you there.

Your energy and efforts are important and how you use them will make all the difference. Remember, if your goals aren’t real to you, achieving them will be just that much harder.

2. Change Your Perspective: Practice Gratitude Constantly

What are you currently grateful for? When you live within the idea of gratitude, you find that whatever once made you move doesn’t do it anymore. That is because through gratitude we find value in the little things.

You see, to change your perspective, it takes intention, it takes action. But overall, it takes convincing. And when it comes to convincing, you’ll need some confidence is key. Otherwise, how do you sell someone something they don’t even believe in?

change your perspective

When we are grateful for the little things, our perspectives change. Our belief system has a lot to do with that. What we believe to be our reality is in turn, our actual reality. So change your approach and results will follow.

3. Exercise Regularly

Ever heard the words, “You should really take good care of yourself?” Well, whether we are connected to those words or not, it’s real. Not only is it real, but it’s vital that we do so. Exercise not only supports your physical health but your mental health as well.

Understanding the importance of health and its contributions to a fulfilling life will change your perspective on what you’ve been served. Exercise not only reduces stress but also improves the way you feel. Get involved, get active, and do it constantly.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Trying Something New

Are you living within your comfort zone? There’s no way you can change your perspective by doing the same old things that never worked. That’s insanity, isn’t it? When you take on challenges outside of the norm, you build your confidence as well.

Whether it be a new language or a new degree or be it something creative you’ve been wanting to try. Push yourself and challenge yourself to do something that will stretch you. The person you will become will thank you.

5. To Give is to Live

If you’ve not started giving yet, there’s a great chance you haven’t started living. One thing that will change your perspective on life is when you can look outside of yourself. It is far too easy to look within yourself to see what you want. But what about someone else?

There is no better way to add meaning to your life than by being a positive impact on the world around you. If you’re finding it hard to give, you might want to look a bit harder. In a world with so many in need, it should be easy to find opportunities to give.

Whatever you do, just give. From taking a trip to the store, or just simply a walk around the block, I can guarantee you that opportunity to give is always present. Look and you shall find. If that doesn’t change your perspective, I don’t know what will.

Join me for Episode #150 – Overcoming Challenges and Setbacks When Working Towards Changes. The truth is, we’ll all experience challenges at some point in our lives. Just know that on the other side will be all the changes you anticipated.

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