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Episode #15 – Why Just Exist When You Can Live?

Just in case you were never given permission to, you can live. You have the ability to do whatever it is you want. The world is your playground, a vast amount of space for you to explore and experience. Whatever you create in your mind has the ability to become your reality, so why waste a moment just existing?

Born into a world of mold, it can be very challenging to truly shake free. The curriculum you were given was so well calculated, that freedom can tend to come across as being left out. That’s around the time you start to believe that you can live if you accept only the food on the menu. This life provides us with endless choices so that we don’t settle for anything less than what we deserve.

You don’t always get things to happen the way you want them to all the time. The good news is, you can live despite that. The journey of life that you’re on has the ability to get off course, but also the ability to get right back on. That’s what makes it all beautiful and that’s what makes it all worth living. When we stay within ourselves and accept the limitlessness that we were created with, it’s a whole new world.

The only way to get the most out of life is when we choose to enjoy life freely. No rules or standards can fill that void we all long for because all that we need was installed within us. We were built to not only foresee it but also, we were built to experience it fully.

Live Your Life Freely

The world will always have something to say as it pertains to the life they believe you can live. It will never approve of all of the things you choose to do. Neither will it align with your way of thinking, your philosophies.

In order to experience a life of freedom, one mustn’t live in fear. In all honesty, where you want to be, that picture that you continue to long for in your head, is on the other side of fear. To enjoy life freely, you have to be willing to let go of all of the things you were wrongfully given or taken. That is the only way you can allow the things you give yourself the room to shine.

There is this great long line that the standards stay in. There is no doubt in my mind that you can live if you stay away from that crowd. Don’t lose yourself while trying to find yourself is what I like to say. Finding yourself is not about looking for it, it’s about connecting with your inner truth. It is only by meshing with our core do we truly get a sense of what we truly want and need. We have all been blessed in our own special way. Therefore, accepting that blessing is key to moving ourselves in the right direction.

Live if You Choose To

You can live when you start to untangle yourself from the standard. Our living freely relies on us to live within our space of greatness, our walking the path that will take us to our defined success. The reason that’s important is because we can easily mistake our personal success for the amount of money we make. We may acquire things that we believe defines it success, only to dim that very light that shines within us.

The key to life is not waiting for permission to live. The right to live was given to you at birth for you to extend as long as you possibly can. This beautiful life you were given was given to you for the sake of pleasure, giving, and being filled. The only way to fill yourself up is by putting out all of the amazingness you possess. If you choose to remember one thing, remember to always represent your life in such a manner that everyone sees you’re living.

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