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Episode #157 – How to Build Trust in a Relationship

build trust

If there’s any one component responsible for building a healthy and strong relationship, it’s trust. Without trust, a relationship is like a house built on a shaky foundation; it’s bound to collapse at any moment. Trust takes time, and requires much effort, commitment, and consistency from both partners.

Here are a few tips that’ll keep the trust building in your relationship:

1. Communicate Openly and Honestly

No better relationship exists than one both open and honest. It is with such communication a foundation of a healthy relationship is built. Let’s face it, without it, trust cannot be built. Nor could it be established or maintained.

Effective communication involves the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and concerns with your partner. Doing so without fear of judgment or criticism. When you choose to communicate freely and honestly, there’s a sense of connection you create between you and your partner. And that connection leads to trust.

2. Allow Your Actions and Words to be Consistent

Consistency is everything, and it is key to establishing trust. The only way for your partner to know what to expect from you is from how consistent you are with your words and actions. Allow your words to be true, and make good on all of your commitments.

If you’re unable to do something, that’s fine. Just be honest about it so that you’re not making promises you can’t keep.

3. Be reliable and dependable

If you’re like me, being reliable and dependable is important to you. Doing so will make way for more trust to enter a relationship. Your partner has to be able to rely on you in times of need. This includes being on time for dates and appointments, keeping promises, and being present through rough times.

When your partner can rely on and depend on you, they feel secure and safe. What a feeling you have to contribute to.

4. Be empathetic and Understanding

build trustIf you really want to build trust in your relationship, sprinkle a bit of empathy and understanding in there. When your partner is going through personal trials, it’s important to show empathy and support.

Listen to their concerns. I mean…really listen to them and try to understand their perspective. When you show empathy, your partner feels seen, heard, and best of all, validated. Talk about strengthening your bond while building on trust. A win.

5. Keep Your Promises

Making and keeping a promise goes a long way. When you make a promise to your partner, it’s imperative that you follow through. If for whatever reason, things change, communicate swiftly on the change so that transparency is maintained. Remember, unmet promises erode trust in relationships.

6. Refrain from Lying and Deception

Lying is a dagger to any potential for growth. If you’re not honest with your partner, you can start to create distance, which will in turn damage your relationship. Always be honest with your partner, even when it may be uncomfortable or difficult.

We’re all human. We all make mistakes. The goal is to be open about the mistakes we make instead of hiding away from them. When you take responsibility for your actions, you’re honest and transparent, and your partner can trust you more.

7. Respect the Boundaries of Your Partner

An additional way to build trust in a relationship is by respecting your partner’s boundaries. We are all different and feel different levels of comfort as it pertains to intimacy, talk, and touch. It’s necessary that we respect our partner’s boundaries and not pressure them in doing something they’re uncomfortable with.

8. Be Open and Vulnerable

When you share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with your partner, intimacy and connection heighten. Being vulnerable means you’re willing to let your guard down. With that, you are able to share your fears, hopes, and dreams even if it scares you.

When you’re open and vulnerable, your partner feels like they can trust you with their own vulnerabilities.

9. Show Appreciation and Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to build trust in a relationship is by showing appreciation. Yes, showing gratitude goes a long way. When you express gratitude for your partner and the things they do for you, a positive environment is created.build trust

Take the time to show appreciation to your partner, whether it be through words, gestures, or just a small act of kindness.

Giving one another something to stand on goes a long way. It’s like creating a familiar territory in which one doesn’t feel lost in. The more familiar things are, the more comfortable we become. For discomfort only lies in unfamiliar territory.

Join me for Episode #158 – The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude in Relationships. Operating off gratitude can have a positive impact on your relationship. It not only allows you to see more of your partner. But it also allows your partner to see more of you.

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