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Episode #17 – How to Capture the Value of Time

In order for us to exploit life fully, we must come to understand the value of time. Life is short, as they love to say, or is it really? Think about it for a minute. Do you really believe that life is too short? I guess it’s based on how you see it. Living in such a fast pace world, many of us may find it hard to live in the now. Stay with me for a minute. In order words, you have to be willing to live every moment of life you’re given.

Let’s break it down for a minute so that we can really get to see the value of time. Since birth, many of use circle back over every year in order to celebrate our existence. In this one year we will have lived 365 days and within these days, 8,760 hours. If you think that’s a lot, think about the 525,600 minutes you just gained. If you stop there, you’ll miss out on the 31,536,000‬ seconds that followed; time. When you cherish something, you protect it, value it, and keep it close to you as much as possible. Live in the now.

That party on Friday that everyone is talking about? It could never be better than this very moment, the one that just past, and the one after that. When you value time, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead to ensure a future plan worth living, but to overlook this very moment would be foolish. Don’t get me wrong tomorrow it’s definitely something worth looking forward to, but today? There’s nothing like it.

Live in the Now

I could never give up this very moment for anything. When I live in the now, my days are fuller and my experiences are far greater. Don’t leave a party that’s already poppin for the unknown. So why would I live in the nowleave today for the tomorrow I have yet to see? When you live in the now, you not only do right by yourself but the value you start to place on the things around you intensifies.

The value for your time, your life will enable you to not only appreciate the wins in your life, but also the route it took you to get there. Therefore, it’s better to live for every moment, than it is to wait for that one big moment. I understand the urge to get to Friday so quickly in order to get to the weekend, but what about now? Why be so rush for tomorrow that you overlook all the beauty today has the ability to bring? Live in the now.

I’ve studied many greats, a hand full that have passed at a young very age. And I think about all of the amazing things that they’ve accomplished with many dreams left unaccomplished. Such is life, a part of this living that I’ve come to accept. My dreams are very real to me, but the truth is, It isn’t promised that I see them. Life is amazing like that. It provides us with 31,536,000 moments we get to manipulate however we please.

Value the Time You’re Given

The time we’re here for, we never know, but the moment we have right now is infinite. An amazing painting starts with a single stroke. Every little thing matters. As a matter of fact, every moment is major. Every moment is to be honored and appreciated, for living is an opportunity, the greatest gift ever gifted to mankind. My value for time has enabled me to recognize the many blessings that we were born to give.

Our gratitude will help us see the many blessings we are given instead of the blessings we seek. It’s impossible to feel this life we live if we don’t acknowledge the time and space it allows us to exist in. Along with that, it provides you with all of the tools necessary for you to create a life you find worthy. The creation to your path lies in your hand, therefore, allowing you to control your own destiny. How amazing is that? You not only drive the car, but you know exactly where you’re going.

Unreligously speaking, the creator has birthed us with the ability to imagine and create life as we see fit. Value your abilities, your gifts, and the time you are given to live this one unique experience, this experience called life. When you live in the now, not only do you maximize the many moments you’re given, you also live them fully. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long you live, all that matters is how you truly live for the amount of time that you’re here.

Join me next week for Episode #18 – Smile When it Hurts. We have so much to rejoice over once we fully understand the advantages we find when we live in the now. A lot of opportunities exist, but what do we focus on that may make it hard for us to see? Follow me same time next week.

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