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Episode #16 – Live With Confidence and Own You

In order the acquire the ultimate success, you have to believe in yourself, live with confidence. The world is never the same once you come to accept your possibilities. But unfortunately, the society we live in wasn’t built to nurture that light.

We live in a world of categories, a world focused on where to section us so that we know where ‘we belong’. We’re not encouraged to live with confidence. We’re persuaded to live within a box. You know, the box that represents your so-called within this system? I remember how quick my introduction to this world changed. There’s this institution called school, and that’s where it all begins.

I remember how perfect life seemed at one point in my life. The confidence wasn’t something I needed, it was automatic. As a child, I had not a fault to be found. The only thing that mattered to me was another reason to smile. The most amazing thing about it all was that it was all dependent on me. It’s crazy what life serves you when you believe in yourself. I got to wake up every single day with one question in mind. I was subconsciously asking, what will I do today that will make my life worth living?

The thought was therelive with confidence because every time I woke up, I wanted to see if I could not only match the day before, but make it all even better. It was a constant race to fun. Therefore, to live with confidence you know that everything you believe in or represent is perfectly fine.

Your most confident version is your best version. Your confidence is what allows you to spread your wings and explore this life you have. It silences all that interfere. It keeps you living.

Believe in Yourself so That You Fly

The moment I entered the school institution, that’s when I remember a shift taking place. That is when all of my internal battles began. My ability to live with confidence was stripped away from me and I was left figuring how to navigate through this new world. My confidence came from what I was able to create to what specific role I would need to play in order to fit in.

It was never fixed. It would consistently change based on who I wanted to be accepted by at a particular time. To realize that it was as if I entered a world that would take me outside myself. In other words, my world was no longer about what I felt inside, it became more about what the world wanted to see. It was as if my life was at the disposal of those I wanted to be accepted by.

When you believe in yourself you’re driven by what you feel inside, not by what others feel about you. What I found was that when I followed I often found myself lost. But when I decide to lead I am able to reclaim who I truly am. I am able to better understand my priority, that I shall wake up every single day, creating a life I find worthy.

Freedom Comes When You Live With Confidence

Breathe, the world is yours and everything in it. What disconnects you from who you really or aim to be isn’t any of your business. The only thing we should all be concerned about is how we feel and knowing the ability we have to affect people. I believe there is so much more opportunity in being who we really are. The freedom we feel creates a feel that can never be given.

Believe in yourself. No one has to understand you for your choices to make sense. As long as it makes perfect sense to you, that’s all that matters. This role that you’re playing must be played in a manner, that it takes you from where you are onto where you want to be. The results all based on the compass you allow to guide you. Will it be the one you feel, or will it be the one that they tell you?

The choice lies in your hand. Will you choose to live your life with confidence or will you comply? Never forget the authority the Creator has given you to choose, the right to free will. Despite His teachings to serve Him, even He allows us the choice to follow.


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