Episode #18 – Feel Life and Live Free | That Good ol Feelin

Episode #18 – Feel Life and Live Free

The only time you live free is when you feel the life you live. You can’t just stroll through it, you’ve got to push through. It’s a long journey ahead and you’ve got to find a way to create your spot. Your journey, your plot, therefore you have the ability to create your desired outcome. It’s not magic, it’s your reality, that’s if you choose it to be.

If I choose to live, it’s important that I feel every moment that I’m given. That’s what it means to live live freefree. I can walk through life studying it, or I can utilize a mind, body, and soul approach that will allow me to feel it through. There’s something about the latter that made more sense to me. It allowed me the freedom to feel this life so that I could truly live it freely.

The ability to live free doesn’t imply rebelling against the law. It simply gives many of us the opportunity to embrace our differences, accepting it as our beauty, instead of living with the feeling of having to adjust to a standard.  The standard is never really the way. In other words, It somehow tends to take your freedom away. To live free is knowing that everything that we are doing gets us excited every single day. To not only reach closer to our visions, but to enjoy the process in which it takes us to get there. Therefore, every step is crucial and beneficial to our journey.

Whether it was unbearable or not, it was necessary. Everything it brought (or is bringing) out of you, shapes(d) you to being who you’re destined to be. And when you embrace these events you’re given the freedom to live and experience them fully.

Enjoy the Freedom You Were Given

No need to feel imprisoned when, in reality, your freedom awaits you. You are free despite how you feel, despite what they may tell you. It’s all lies in whether you want to accept it or not. You are free to do whatever you want, however, you want. That’s the freedom you were blessed with. I guess the question is, how will you use it?

Will you use your freedom in following someone else’s path or will you use it to create your own? WFreeould you like to live as an extension to someone else’s life, or would you live free living your own? The most amazing thing we each own is our differences. That’s what makes us beautiful. That’s what makes us all shine so differently.

Our differences like the different colors of a remember that come together so beautifully. It’s a shame how we would marvel at that and fail to see the beauty our differences create. Therefore, losing the freedom to explore freely the amazingness this world provides us with. As the creators we were blessed to be, we hold the ability to shift any place, event, or situation into one worth living, loving, and enjoying. I say all these great words because many of us yearn for it. And many of us deserve it.

Free Yourself From Mental Slavery

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but our self can free our minds” – Bob Marley

There’s a sense of freedom that automatically takes place when we come to realize just how powerful our minds are. It’s also mind-blowing knowing that, at times, we become our worse enemies, not because failed, but because we’ve failed to free our minds. Freedom always comes to those that claim their existence and everything it stands for.

When you free your mind, you free your soul. Your soul lights up when your mind feeds it something your heart desires. Your mind is beautiful and has the ability to create and realize everything you can envision. To think that everything great that was ever created, the mind played a great role. The mind creates the freedom to explore, learn, and grow while climbing the height you hope to reach.

The truest form of freedom is knowing that you have so far to reach while understanding how far you have to go. When you open your mind to those opportunities it begins to manifest itself through your actions. And in time, your ability to live free provides you the platform of life to perform your greatness.

Join me next week so that we can discuss Episode #19 – How to Take Advantage of the COVID 19 Pandemic. This is a serious situation we’ve found ourselves in. Now more than ever, we have the ability to tend to ourselves and our personal needs. Many of us may be in cities that have adopted the Stay-at-home order. Take advantage of every moment you’re given while maintaining a safety-first mindset.

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