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Episode #19 – Winning the Coronavirus Pandemic

recenter yourselfThe coronavirus has caught us all off guard. Not in a million could we ever think the times before us could ever exist. For everyone outside of China, it started off with us experiencing it from afar. But fast-forwarding from being spectators to being participants of this world-wide distribution of this COVID-19 pandemic.

As time continues to pass and the more the coronavirus continues to spread, the more chaotic things may seem. In order to help limit the spread of the virus, many countries, states, and cities shut down a portion of their entities. This leaves many business owners in a tough predicament. With such a shutdown a lot of social activities have been hard to come by.

With everyone being encouraged to isolate, social distance has become a primary goal. Due to the coronavirus prowling through our cities, many get reacquainted with the four walls of their homes. While I hear many speak on going crazy being home all day with nothing to do, I see an opportunity. Living in such a fast-paced world, often a place and a time for peace is necessary. Would you not agree that now is the time?

I know that these times are serious, but so are you. No better time than now presents itself for us to reconnect with ourselves. As the coronavirus continues to run its course, it’s important that we all follow the words from the experts that resonate with our well-being. I say it this way because with there being so much at stake, sometimes the truth can get lost in politics. Because we owe ourselves that much, it’s important that we get educated so that we better understand the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus Can Transform You

With the time we now have indoors from the COVID-19 pandemic, a moment to recenter has been provided. A moment to revisit, reconnect and reacquaint with our core. Sometimes we allow the world to drag us along with all our mess, instead of taking some time to meditate and reflect. With that comes a deeper appreciation for life and the journey we are currently on.

A moment to breathe has now presented itself. More moments open up for us to spend time with the ones we love. With the coronavirus on the run, looking in the mirror takes precedence. When you are better able to gather yourself to measure where you are, you are better able to see how far till you get where you need to. The COVID-19 pandemic, I believe, is teaching every one of us a lesson.

It allows us to really ask ourselves, what have we done for us lately? As I mentioned earlier, this world is a getup and go world, go go go. Within that way of life comes a deficiency in self-care. With a deficiency in self-care comes a buildup of neglect. Well, the coronavirus has put the entire world on hold, giving all of us the opportunity to reconnect.

When it’s all said and done, the question will be, how did I use the time that was given to me to enhance myself? Did I take advantage of every moment that was given? How can I accelerate myself from where I am to where I want to go while the world is moving slow? What do I need to be doing at this current moment that yesterday didn’t allow me? How can I take full advantage of such a disadvantage this coronavirus pandemic creates?

No matter how you twist and turn it, every uneventful creates or opens a door to a positive event. It’s not what you happens to you that defines you, it’s how you define it. During this coronavirus, if you can take the time to recenter yourself, will we then gain the ability to gain whatever you do through your efforts. The question isn’t about what this COVID-19 pandemic can do, we’ve already heard the different cases of people affected by this. It all comes down to what we do during this time of social distance that has taken place. Dig deep, meditate, and take advantage of each moment. You’ll never get them back.

Catch me next week Episode #20 – Time for Myself is Is Necessary. Connectivity is essential for life, but time for yourself is essential as well. Same time, next week.

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