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Episode #2 – The Life We Were All Born to Live

So many continue to work at jobs they hate, stay in relationships that drain them both physically and emotionally. Many live the life they were influenced to rather than the one they were born to live. 

I feel grateful for having been an inquisitive child. As a curious creature, I was trying to make sense out of everything. Throughout my investigation, out of all the Ws, my most important W was Why. I always wanted to know why things were happening and why I needed to do what I was asked. Due to me living in a time of do as I say, no questions ask, answers were hard to come by.  

My Quest for Life

Although I never received all of the answers I’d been looking for, the questions I had always remained. I’m definitely grateful for that because many people tend to give in and just follow the provided curriculum so to speak. Therefore, they figure it’s easier to conform than it is to stand out. To be honest, deep down inside I truly feel that I had that bug for life. I always believed there just had to be more. 

When we’re young, we tend to look to our parents to help navigate us through life. After all, they’ve been there before right we think. The unfortunate thing that tends to happen though is that, in the process, many surrender themselves and submit to the ways of the “all knowing” as we tend to believe at that age. With that, the creation of something so special, so unique is stunted. 

Can you imagine spending 18 to 25 years living your family expectations?  That’s tough. That explains why we kids tend to be undecided entering college. At times we pursue a career chosen for us rather than the one we truly want. So many of us go so deep in these paths that we start to feel frustrated and confused because we don’t know what to do or how to get out of such a mess. The hardest part? Being told to support a family while stuck in a career you don’t like can be hard.

You Were Born to Live

The life we were all born live. It’s very important that we all visit that because you only get one shot at life. It’s mandatory that we exploit it to the utmost. We must figure and create our dreams rather than live the dreams of others. 

Based on where you are from, pleasing your parents may be what you live by. In many of these instances, our parents either want us to follow in their footsteps, for their own personal reasons. They may just bborn to livee using us as a pawn to accomplish something they wish they had. Something they never got to fulfill.

I like math so it’s easy for me to pinpoint what the missing variable in the equation is. That’s you. As honorable as it is to honor your we all have a responsibility to our existence. This responsibility is to provide ourselves with a life we were born to live…and fortunately, that’s a decision we all possess the power to make. 

Let’s be fair, our parents have already lived their lives or continue to do so today, at least that’s what I hope. Either way, it’s your time, your book, your script, your story and only you should have the authority to finalize its direction. Think about it, at the end of the day, you’re the one that’s going to have to live it.

Seeking The live You Were Born to Live

So ask yourself, really, this question, “What do I want out of MY life? How does the best version of MY life look to ME and how can I go about creating it?” The only way to discover the life we were born to live is if we check in with ourselves to see what that picture looks like. No one can provide us with it nor can they create it for us. 

If given a blank canvas with a palette of different colors and told to paint whatever you wanted, what would it be? I’m sure you wouldn’t hold back from creating and probably would even have fun doing so. Such is life like my buddy Alvin always says. So what I would say is to create and recreate if you must. Whatever you do take ownership for the painting you chose to create. Remember, it’ll hang on your wall and only you’ll live with seeing it every single day. 

Make it something you can be proud of. Something worth showing and sharing with the world. Because at the end of the day, everything you believe in, everything that you do has your stamp on it. I wish you all well, I wish you success. Your world is YOURS. 


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