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Episode #24 – Get to the Root of Hate With Love

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How do we get to the root of hate that has spread throughout the world? We were all born with love in our hearts, weren’t we? How could we be born so pure, but commit some of the most heinous crimes known to man? What is it about us that changes from the moment that we’re born?

One thing that remains a fact is that we were all born with pureness in our hearts. So how do we go about pinpointing what the root of hate is? Where does it come from? Fortunately, despite how we were all created, we spend the beginning of our lives learning to live. Everything we’ve seen and heard had the ability to shape who we are and who we choose to be.

From a young age, we depend on our parents or the elders we may be surrounded by. Therefore, most of the things we believe are more likely to be the beliefs of our guardians. It is these very beliefs that continue to shape the world we find ourselves living in today. I believe that people that hate are only sharing with you what they’ve been able to create for themselves. How can anyone fill you up with things they don’t have? Think about it.

Living in such a world, so in need of love, we must acknowledge what our neighbors are going up against. That includes the ones that continue to flood our planet with hate as well. The root of hate love kills root of hatenot being part of our DNA brings us hope. Therefore, it shows that anything learned can simply be unlearned. People that hate are only a product of what they lack inside.

The Beauty of Love

Love is the most beautiful song known to mankind. In other words, it is not only is it filling, but it is also fulfilling. The most powerful movements I’ve ever witnessed have all been governed by love. They’ve always been so motivating and provided so many people with a sense of hope. The feel of love does something to us emotionally. It melts our soul on so many levels like no other.

People that hate miss out on the most beautiful feeling known to mankind. Those that have not yet dived into the idea of living through love have yet to truly experience life. I read an interesting article and I love how it visualized love. “Love is the greatest and most complex human emotion. While everyone experiences love differently, everyone has the capacity regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.,” it said.

What that tells me is despite of your current state, you have that ability to experience it. What an opportunity that is for each and every one of us. While some easier than others, the possibility is there. Therefore, love is only a matter of choice, a matter of what you chose to feel and share. I can attest that it feels so good and I would be foolish to walk away from it.

It’s like a life long commitment to self. The ability to commit to your well-being, your personal growth. Everything that fills you contains love. Therefore, it makes sense, that you allow it space to navigate within you. Love has the ability to attack the root of hate and win. When you have found that love within, you not only appreciate those around you, you appreciate yourself. And when you appreciate yourself, living begins.

Root of Hate Dies In the Hands of Love

The most beautiful thing about love is that it heals all things. No requirement for life is more important than love. For love is necessary for life and everything it stands for. Living with no lovewith love is like the lacking of oxygen. It’s like a slow death, functioning on the outside, but slowly dying within. Therefore, when you see someone filled with hate, have a little empathy for them.

No need to get too caught up in what they’re saying because, from the place in which they live, you couldn’t expect better. The root of that hate isn’t one you want to feed into, it’s one you feed into. In other words, in the presence of hate, present love. Anyone who lives with such an existence yearns for it even more. What an opportunity to share the love they’re in need of.

Too many times do we take personally the things some may say for love. It may come across mean, but it’s just their inability to express the love they desire. Be kind, be peaceful, and be present so that you’re better able to take advantage of such an opportunity. We were all born with it. Some of us may have lost it to some course of our lives. Somehow, an event in our lives we gave power over our living life fully.

We all have an option. There always presents a choice. We all have the ability to tap into the well of love we all have inside. At any moment, what you make important to you, will prevail. Therefore, choose love, choose life. Furthermore, don’t just cultivate it, spread it. What’s it worth if you’re not sharing it?

Tune in for next week for Episode #24 – Keeping Your Focus On What Matters. There is nothing that should ever come before our quality of living. Negotiate not a dime to that idea.

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