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Episode #25 – Keeping Your Focus On What Matters

keeping focus

How different would your lives be if you start keeping your focus on what mattered? Could it be enjoyable? Would it be less complicated? What actually makes our life complicated?

Ever tried going shopping at a specialty store and finding it a little challenging to choose? It seems like the more options we have the harder it becomes for us to make choices. Needless to say, it’s hard keeping your focus when you have so many things to focus on. From the different items to the different colors they come in.

If we take cars, for instance, we buy a brand new car only to see the newer model come out next year. But if you pay attention, you’ll see that everything that you need you’ve gotten. I know it isn’t easy when most of the infomercials are constantly telling you to upgrade, but is it necessary? I had to ask myself, “Am I falling for what I must have, or do I already have everything I need?”

That was a powerful statement because it helped me maintain control of my purchasing decisions. I had become aware of what the difference was between a concern and a pitch. When I pay attention I come to understand what makes sense and what overtakes my senses. I always believed that I don’t pay attentionneed anything but life because that is where it all starts. I figured as long as I have life, I have the world at my fingertips.

Dr. Eva M. Krockow wrote an interesting article titled Too Much Choice. It speaks of decision paralysis and the lower satisfaction we have when surrounded by an abundance of options. I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced it before. Being in a rush and having way too much to choose from.

Keeping Your Focus Sharp

Besides all of the things they tell us we are unable to live without, what about life? I strongly believe that we get so caught of about the outside demands of life instead of paying attention to life. Keeping a keen focus on what life really is and less on what they’re disguising it to be. It’s almost similar to having a salesman trying to sell you a car with a beautiful exterior and rotten interior.

The illusion is real for those that lose their focus. Your focus should always remain the standard you look to create. Ever been in a focused state only to have someone heavily interrupt you? How does that feel? Well, the same pertains to life. As we all get up every single day to live out this life we have to the best we can, we’re being distracted.

In fact, the distractions are so real, that we sometimes allow our focus to be overtaken by demands. Not the things we ask of ourselves. Rather, for the many things we are being asked to believe in or act on? From the house that you live in, to the clothes that you wear, to the car that you drive. Most of us, somehow have been persuaded to live, wear, and drive what they tell us to.

Open Your Eyes to YOur Course of Life

keeping focus

Pay attention to your life, to the actual quality of life you are living. Don’t compare what you have to what you believe someone else possesses. Keeping your focus on your life and the direction you want it to take ensures that you actually get there. Therefore, when you are anywhere outside of your living, your lane there’s more a chance you steer off.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with pursuing things you want. I just think that we should never allow ourselves to be blinded by them. It’s important that we keep track of what’s in front of us and how much we already have. We can create way more than we’re given. Pay attention, because when we focus too much on what we want, we start to subconsciously become hoarders.

For the sake of context, a hoarder is someone that has difficulty letting go of possessions regardless of their actual value. So the question is, are you paying attention to the things you’re consuming or to the things consuming you? Keeping your focus allows you to differentiate right away whether you are controlled or whether you’re being controlled.

As I stated before, most of the things you need, you already possess. The other things? Well, mostly distractions. Instead of our focus being directed towards how we’re living, it’s more by what we’re living. Now is the moment, your moment to redirect that focus towards what really matters. It’s not about who’s doing what or who’s wearing what. It’s more about what you feel at this very moment. What makes you move outside of what the world feels.let it go Are you feeling the life you live?

If It Doesn’t Build Let it Go

Throughout my life, I’ve come to learn what really matters and have been able to let go of the things that don’t.  Whatever doesn’t contribute to your overall vision should be eliminated. Your focus should be solely on that end vision that lives in your mind. It should be put towards turning it into a reality.

For this I’ll say, you don’t want to miss next week’s topic. Episode #26 – I Live for Me by Quitting Them. I figured in order to live my full life, I could no longer live for anything outside that vision, my vision. Therefore, anything that comes in its way, must be uplifted. Join me, same time, next week.

2 Replies to “Episode #25 – Keeping Your Focus On What Matters”

  1. Miriam

    Your focus should be solely on that end vision that lives in your mind. It should be put towards turning it into a reality.
    Circumstances in life may dim the focus and suck the joy out of life but I think taking “if it doesn’t build let it go” is the best damn daily mantra one can have. Makes it easier to sift though life and make the most out of it!

    • Giovanni Azaël

      Queen 🙏🏾

      We have so many things we can do to contribute to our path. If there’s a bump in one road, move on to the next until you’ve regrouped. No need to put energy into something you haven’t put thought into. Be calm, be aware, and be peaceful…always.

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