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Episode #26 – Live for You by Quitting Them

live for you

I changed the title of this episode to Live for You by Quitting Them, because I wanted to talk to you. I wanted the opportunity to speak to someone in need of a voice. Sometimes we may feel like our back is against the wall. And sometimes all we need is a small push to get us right back on track.

What is life to you? Are you living for you? How could you visually describe it? Think about it. It gets polluted when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the illusions of others. What is your heart telling you to do? Where’s your dream directing you to go? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can live for you.

I’ve mentioned over and over again throughout my shares the effects of society. Unfortunately, many of our loved ones fall under that category. Therefore, being infected by society doesn’t mean you’re evil, it just means you’ve been limited. But, for the sake of ownership, you’ve allowed yourself to be limited from living life on your terms.

From my experience and by pure observation, I find that many of us succumb to pressure living. Not only from our parents but most that of the world. There is no running from the abundance that presents itself on a daily basis. What to wear, how to wear it, and when to wear it. Every commercial is saying, “You should have me!” It’s like you can start to hear the products scream at you.

And what happens if you don’t join the party? Boy, will they make you feel what you missed out on.  But, the funny thing is, the ones you miss always tend to be the ‘best ones’ don’t they? Live for you, it’s worth it.

Create Your Life to LIve

If you are looking to live for you, there is one person you should keep in mind, you. It may be hard, but necessary. In other words, living on your terms doesn’t mean going against your way of living. If you would take the time to observe the world around you, you’d see a great amount of sadness.

You see, sadness and stress, have been confused for success. And love and loyalty have been confused for fun. When you live for you, it doesn’t mean you have everything figured out. It only means that you are following a different compass. You are on your own path, your own road, measured and paved for you.

One thing I have learned is that there are many roads out there. But the question is, where are you looking to go? Finding that road that allows you to live for you is key. Therefore, what does it look like? Is there a road already created to it? Near it? Or does a road need to be created in order for you to get there?

If you choose the route that has already been paved, I’m not sure you’ll find anything new. Because most of the roads along its path on your termshas already been discovered. Plus, it’s much easier to follow a path most traveled. That’s because it makes it easier for us to predict the outcome. But the path that allows you to live on your terms? It’s one less chosen, your path, the one created for you, the one you’ll have the honor of building.

Create Your Freedom

Sometimes things we perceive as freedom can be the very chains that slave us. I’ve been blessed to have been working from the age of fifteen. So I know firsthand the bond we build with our alarms. I swore at one point that my life wasn’t created for me. I felt as if I was living someone else’s script.

The resistance experienced on a daily basis can be hard. The daily snoozing, crawling, and the constant looking forward to Friday says it all. Once again, what lights you up? What matters to you in this world? If there was one thing you could see yourself doing day in and day out, what would that be?

Life and the feelings it presents will always serve as our navigation to our hearts. We can lie to the world, but we could never lie to ourselves. Therefore, even though the world may see us free, we remain trapped within ourselves. Trapped because we’ve failed to address what our souls desire. To live and to not light your soul is to live a slow death.

Your Light Is Necessary

live for you

That light inside of all of us was created to experience a shine. And the only way to ignite it is by feeding it with what it needs, what your soul yearns for. What is that like? Does it put you in control? Does it allow you to live life on your own terms? Whatever it is, I have all the faith that you know. It’s inside of you. It only needs some soft digging. You’ll get to the bottom of it. I promise.

Join me for Episode #27 – Live the Best Version of You. Despite the noise that goes back and forth, the world needs the best version of you. Better yet, you need the best version of you. Check me out, same time, next week as we speak about what that looks like.

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