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Episode #28 – 5 Ways to Feel the Life You Live

There’s a huge difference between living and the ability to feel the life you live. It’s easy to be fooled by the exterior things we’ve been bombarded with. Also, easy to be distracted by the many things that add too little value to our way of living.

Just by stepping foot into the world on a daily basis, we expose ourselves to that idea of acceptance. In other words, from the moment we turn on the radio, open the paper, observe billboards, it’s there. The sad thing is, it says nothing about how we feel the life. Rather, it reminds us of all the things we need to coexist within this distributed life.

There are 5 ways in which I choose to live my life every day that helps me feel the life I live. It is with these 5 components I navigate my way on a daily basis. Therefore, these are the very components that help me in living my life fully. They don’t only keep me grounded, they keep me in sync with a life I get to feel, one I get to live fully.

Meditate to Feel the Life 


One of the best ways to feel the life is by creating it every single day. As the extension of our creator, being born in His image, we have the ability to create as well. Through meditation, setting an intention for the day, we are able to clearly see the day before it begins.

In order to live fully, we must know that everything we need to live, lives inside of us. Each and every one of us has the ability to envision and live out everything we can imagine. This allows us to see things long before they come to fruition. In order to live fully, all we have to do is fill our days up. In other words, we each were given a clean slate from which we were to design from. The question is, how can we fill it up so that we are able to feel our existence through? 

Our ability to see, absorb, and create through our own imaginations helps create the things we have yet to see. It helps us realize just how live fullylimitless we are and just how much more we have than we could ever imagine. In other words, there are so many opportunities out there around us. Through meditation, we are able to taste, smell, and touch everything we truly desire.

Show Gratitude for the Life You Live

As I just stated, we have so many things available to each and so many things we can create. At times, we may put way too much focus on the things we want, the many things we need. In other words, we do that so much that we fail to feel the life we were given.

Gratitude is necessary to experience life fully because everything you can see and experience is a blessing. My definition of a blessing is the many things I get to experience that I am able to live without. The sound of the ocean, for example, isn’t necessary for us to live, but boy is it lovely. The sound of the waves as they crash against each other along with the wind that follows is priceless. If that doesn’t help you feel the life, I don’t know what will.

There are so many things this world has to offer that we are blessed with. Too many times do we acknowledge the things that are in our face. In other words, as long as it is big enough we entertain it. What about all of the minuscule things that we cross paths with every day? Do they not hold any weight? Do they not present an opportunity to feel the life we were given, the one we were born to live fully?

Never Stop Growing 

From gratitude, we open ourselves to an entirely different world. The more you grow, the more you are able to feel and the more connected you’ll be. And the more connected you are, the more you are able to feel the life. Growth can happen when it becomes a focus and when it happens naturally.

Another way to fill ourselves up is by submitting ourselves to the idea of growth. The more you pour into any container, the more full it will get. Likewise, the more we continue to pour into our minds, bodies, and souls, the more full we’ll be. The great thing about this is, the world is always presenting us with this opportunity. All we have to do is take it.

life you live

Growth is essential for our overall existence, but maintaining it is even more important. Every day presents us with that opportunity. There isn’t a thing that we see or experience that we can’t learn or grow from. In order to live life fully, we must accept that option, because, with it, we’re more equipped to experience more.

Awareness Serves as a Reminder to Live Fully

The more we grow the more responsible we must learn to be. Because with growth/knowledge comes more accountability. One way to feel the life you live is by being your own student. In other words, observe your actions as it pertains to your growth. We all have things we need to work on, but are we actually present to see them through?

To get the most of our betterment, we must open up the channels of our awareness. “What I did does not represent the person I am creating. What could I have done to ensure a better result? Was what I did necessary? How can I prevent this from repeating itself?”

These questions are just a few examples of how we can challenge ourselves. You know what your personal goals mean to you right? How does your adjusting contribute to a life you are able to feel? If you believe in the path of progress, it’s important to gain that awareness so you’re constantly kept in check.

Through Self-Love You Feel the Life You Life

Love is the most powerful feeling one can experience. This life you live relies on it to overcome any obstacle that may lie in the way. Love provides us with an entirely different experience as it fills us up so that we can give more. To live fully, one must be full.

When it’s all said and done, it’s only through you that others around you can experience the best love you have to offer. How can you give the best love if you have no love in youlive fully with self-love to give? If you are not filling yourself up with the love you want to give, where will it come from? The life you live should always be fueled and nurtured so that you are able to sustain it.

Take the time to acknowledge your presence, your gifts, your differences, and all of the different components that make you unique. Outside of you, there is nothing like it. You own full rights to it as no one else possesses what you do. You are a true gift and you must embrace that above all things. Who better to admire you than you? Therefore, smile for yourself and cheer yourself on every step of the way. The life you live will be a life lived fully if you make it your business to fill it up with as much love as you can. The love you give yourself is the most important love you could experience. Because unless you learn to fall in love with yourself, you’ll never know what love really is.

Stay with me, same time, next week, as we discuss Episode #29 – Attaining the Relationship You Desire. We all desire a connection, but what can we each do to attain that relationship. Join me next week as I discuss this very topic.

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