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Episode #29 – Attaining the Relationship You Desire

relationship you desire

I’m sure you yearn for a connection and a shot at experiencing a relationship you desire. At the end of it all, we all do. I guess your question is, “How?” Well, from the beginning of time, we’ve been able to see the concept of what a relationship looks like. But, seeing the concept is far deeper than the eye allows us to see. As a result, the concept of a relationship may have been miscommunicated as to how it all comes together.

Think about a song or a movie on love, for example. The focuses have always been based on eye appeal. That means once the eyes are satisfied, we may then proceed. I had a few clients that spoke of women that they were so fascinated by, but provided no depth. So my initial question was, “What about her makes you move? Does she fall inside the criteria of someone you’d see in a relationship you desire?

Just like the food you eat, when you picture the love you need, how does it look like? How does it make you feel? How would your life change once you’ve attained it? What will the new you look like? How many doors will it open up for you as a result? How will the quality of your life change?

Understanding the relationship you desire’s end picture will help you understand how a current person will fit into it. If you cannot visualize it, there is a possibility that it isn’t real to you just yet. You should know how it will feel when the one you love touches you. It shouldn’t be hard to describe the feeling that person will bring you upon seeing them, for everything was built from within.

The Relationship You Desire Requires Your Love

relationship you desire

Just like any good taste, a combination of ingredients is what makes it all delicious at the end. Therefore, when creating this dish of love, you must first make sure that the love you are looking for is already part of the base ingredients you already possess. This ingredient is called self-love, an internal nourishment required to keep all internal mechanics well oiled.

Love is what oil is to the engine of our vehicles. Despite the rigidness, we will experience throughout a relationship, the love we have inside will serve as lubrication to keep things smooth. It is necessary, for the relationship you desire will need every drop in order for it to make it through tough times.

The truth is, the relationship you desire tends to be the most attractive idea. But the truth, the love you want and need from someone else is no more important than the love you must accumulate for yourself. Not having that love is like trying to make the perfect meal, but not having the proper tools to measure each and every ingredient.

Without these proper tools, it will be a little harder to ensure the idea taste we are going for. In your case, you are looking for something that not only tastes good, but that has an amazing after taste to match. It will ensure that this relationship you desire and the feeling it brings lingers on for a bit longer.

The Mission is Forever

love you need

Just understanding the length of the mission of love is valuable. That means we get to work this love we have and seek on a daily basis. We are not just coming together to become one, we are coming together to join on a journey of good growth. The amazing part about this journey is that we sign up for a commitment that lasts forever.

As long as we accept the idea of growth as a driving force, then we have no reason for us to remain stagnant. This tells us that the love you need will take you to a place where the only success you will find is through evolving. With the constant new adventures, this life presents us with, we will need to be constantly changing, becoming the person required to overcome all things.

The adventures are only challenging for those fighting the change. But to those that embrace them, the better the outcome at the end. What are you looking to create? What does it look like when it’s all said and done? Is it everything you’ve expected or is it everything you’ve accepted? The answer will rely on you.

The best thing about it is the relationship you desire is not only needs your creative touch, but it also needs your constant maintenance in order for it to keep rolling. Join me next week for Episode #30 – Signs of A Passionate Relationship. Passion is the fuel to any works. A small fire with a drop of fuel can create flames. Let’s discuss what that passionate

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