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Episode #3 – Revisiting the Beginning of Our Lives

Many find the past either embarrassing, memorable, or something to forget about, making believe it never existed. The more that I reflect the more I realize just how influential my past was or is to my present. Revisiting the beginning of our lives gives allows me to reflect on where I am versus where I want to go. 

“I’m just trying to find myself…I don’t even know who I am yet,” my clients tend to say. For us to truly know who we are, we must know where we came from. When you think about the journey and how long you’ve come, that’s that feelin. When we acknowledge ourselves, we know exactly what keeps us from living our best version.  At times we know what’s holding us back from living our best version.

A lot of people that I meet today couldn’t imagine me being anything less than what I’ve become.  In reality, I probably experienced every emotion a human being could possibly experience. From sadness to pain, and from anger to rage. All the while, deep down inside knowing that I could do better. I knew I was greater than what I was showing and definitely greater than what the world thought of me. So my journey continued. 

The beginning and How it Shapes You

Along my journey, I realized the more I dug, the more I saw how my past had affected my present.  With that, it was easier for me to understand who I was and the more I found it easier to let go of the parts of me that didn’t serve me. But it wasn’t until I got to the source, that I was able to do so. 

So I guess my question is, “How has your past shaped the person you currently are today? What is it in your past that you continue to allow to take away from your present moment? How long are you going to choose to prolong revisiting the beginning?” 

See life only gives us one chance, one angle. That means whatever we have the opportunity to experience, we could never experience it exactly the same way twice. Why do we choose to stay in a place that prevents us from that good ol feelin we desire? I guess it’s easier to stay the same than it is to make that adjustment. 

The beginning of Our Lives

It seems like we have a fear of facing our truth. It wasn’t until I faced my truth that I realized how I had been imprisoned. Therefore, not realizing I had the key in me the whole time. I felt foolish in a beginning of our livesway…but I laugh at it now. So when I use the words allow or choose to, I’m not saying it out of lack of empathy, I’m only saying in hopes of pointing out the power we possess as human beings.

The most troubled people I’ve ever met were the people that blamed every mishap in their lives on an outer source. Whether it be their parents, their exes, or the cards of life itself, there was something. That meant as long as the problem wasn’t them, there was no effort needed to be made on their part. We all experience things we don’t believe we deserve. Yesterday may not have been the best, but the questions is, what are we going to do about today, this very moment? 

Revisiting the Beginning

Revisiting the beginning of our lives helps us understand where we are and helps us know where to start. What makes someone an expert is not knowing the problem. What makes someone an expert is determining the source of the problem. So revisiting the beginning of our lives gives us the opportunity to get to the source and once we get to the source, all we have is to unlock the door we possess the key to. 

I’m telling you…it changed my life and I’m definitely grateful for it you know. One thing I feel holds a lot of us back from getting started is our need for a quick fix. Remember, it’s a journey we can enjoy…if we take it easy. It’s a beautiful thing if we just sit back and enjoy the ride. We didn’t get to this point all in one day. Therefore, allowing ourselves the time we deserve to recalibrate our chambers to the tune we find fit for the soundtrack we look to produce. 

So when I say That Good ol Feelin, I am not trying to create a movement. I’m just trying to create a way of life you know. I want to create an option that aligns with the vision of my life. To this day I continue to revisit the beginning of my life. The most beautiful thing about it is, unlike a rose, we have the rest of our lives to blossom.

The beginning of Our Lives

Now when I say revisit the beginning of our lives, I am not saying that we carry our past along with us. (if anything I’m definitely against backpacking the past) On our journey of growth, we will need to continue to find the source to the areas in which we look to grow. Truth speaks that sometimes our current issues aren’t always so deep. At the end of the day, acknowledging the source and taking action to re-align ourselves with our overall vision is key. No one drives the wrong way, notices it and continues to do so anyway right? So why continue on a path that doesn’t contribute to your end destination? 

Remember we’re all driving and the wheel is in our control. My dad did always say that life doesn’t give us U-turns, but what thing I do know is that it DOES provide us with different turns and routes, although we may lose time, it puts us on the track to make up for any further lost, allowing us to still get to our destination. 

The beginning of Our Lives

Just to be clear, everything I notice in others, I once noticed in myself. Therefore, it’s easier to understand someone when you’ve walked a similar path. I’ve been there and I’m still going through it. But this journey called life is amazing. 

With life, it’s all possible. It’s all there at our fingertips. We have but to reach and get a hold of it. And if you remember one thing, know that your beginning never has to be your end. Pick your ending. 


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