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Episode #30 – Signs of A Passionate Relationship

passionate relationship

What makes your relationship passionate? Do you even have a passionate relationship? We all have a different way in which we define such a relationship. But when someone starts to dominate your mind and thoughts, you’re just a little more than invested at that point.

When you just meet someone, you’re really only fishing. Based on what your intention is, you’re looking for something that aligns. After spending and investing time with someone, sometimes the level of appreciation rises, turning into a deep one. The deeper the appreciation the more of a passionate relationship you are developing.

Ever been in a relationship with someone you love, and yet at times, feel that the love is absent? Well, that’s because love isn’t just something you put on the shelf. It has an expiration day. Use it or lose it. The best way to feed the love is by applying passion. That’s the only way you wound up with a passionate relationship.

The Importance of A Passion Relationship

When you’re passionate about something how do you feel about it? Think about it. It’s like buying a car you have a deep appreciation for. You’ll probably wake up for a walk to the garage just to take a peek at it. As it pertains to your partner, the passion is just fertilizer to the love that has already been established. It’s what keeps us coming for another peek.

What makes a relationship work is that it meets a certain level of our needs. The more they can meet the deeper our appreciation for them. Let’s be honest, the connections we make are based on the experiences we create, how that person made us feel.  Therefore, the love we feel for someone is dictated by the number of our needs they meet.

For example, how important do they make you feel you are, and how giving are they towards you? Studies have shown that passion in relationships contributes to a greater level of satisfaction both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll also find that where there is passion there is more happiness. It allows you to predict what path a relationship is currently on.

Through self-love, one can drastically improve the quality of their lives. And through a better quality of their lives comes a better quality of their relationships. I’d pick a deep, passionate relationship over any friendship any day. With this one life I have, I’d rather live it with meaning and passion, especially when it comes to your relationships.

The Deeper the Appreciation the Deeper the Passion

The deeper the appreciation the closer you are to a passionate relationship. But how can you pinpoint a relationship that is filled passion? What characteristics do they display? I will share four of them with you:

    1.  You’re able to say what’s your mind: This means that you have created an environment where two people are able to speak on how they feel, even it be negative. It means we communicate to resolve issues without fear.
    2. You enjoy being together: It shouldn’t deeper appreciationbe necessary to explain what fun is, but smiles and laughter seem to sum it up. It’s always amazing when you find your partner fun as it tends to bring two closer. A passionate relationship is built on memories and laughs together. You have to be able to provide your partner with different options in order to keep things exciting.
    3. You can be vulnerable towards one another: No better feeling than to know that you can open up to someone on an emotional level as it is just as important as the physical. How comfortable do you feel telling your partner your most inner desires and fears? That’s what a passionate relationship is all about.
    4. Your partner becomes your inspiration: The ability to support and push someone towards their goals and dreams has the ability to light them up. If you’re not challenging the growth, you’re slowly dying and that can trickle down into your relationship.
    5. The commitment to work things out: Even a passionate relationship requires work. Therefore, being committed to communicating and building is key to maintaining a passionate relationship. Because when you are able to communicate and feed the life of your relationship, the deeper your appreciation becomes.

Keep the Passion Alive

passionate relationship

Passion is important. I mean without it a passionate relationship is nonexistent. Many people don’t seem to believe that passion stays alive. They believe it dies after a while. They are right, but that’s only because they fail to maintain what has already been created. So if your focus is on maintaining the passion than a passionate relationship you’ll get.

A relationship is a huge commitment, therefore, settling for anything less than your best would be foolish. This is someone that you have a deep appreciation for, someone that you plan on spending the rest of your life with. With that being said, there’s no question as to the limitless amount of things you’d do for this person. For this reason, everything in your power should be done to recreating the passion in your relationship.

Relationships aren’t going to be glitter and gold at all times. But with passion, a part of you will always continue to burn for your partner. It will be possible to create something both sustainable and fulfilling, but you can’t delay it not for a minute. The time is now, this very moment so get to it!

Join me next week, same time for Episode #31 – Why Being a Faithful Man Is Admirable. What so many men built by society, it can be hard to find men that honor their commitments. After all, society condones and supports that behavior. But you might want to follow next week’s episode to learn why being part of the rare crowd is something you should be proud of.

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