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Episode #32 – Why Problems Don’t Really Exist


Problems don’t really exist, do they? I guess the real question is, what do you consider to be a problem? I’m sure it isn’t the things that you like right? If I had to put a finger on it, I would say a problem is always something that gets in the way of what you like. Therefore, if that tire of yours goes flat on the way to your interview, although a solution exists, a problem arises.

I was pretty curious about what a problem was because there was no system for what it looked like. From one person to the next, a problem was different. Therefore, what one person may have considered a problem, another may not. It’s no wonder that some excel in certain events while some panic constantly.

We all, at some point, claimed to have had a problem. But in all reality, did a problem ever really exist? If so how did it gain the proper certification qualifying as such? It reminds me of the messengers of a party. You see, every party has invites and these invitees are considered messengers. They are the ones that will let the rest of the world know how the party turned out, good or bad.

The most interesting thing about all of these messengers is that they each not only went to the same party but also experienced it differently. That is why it makes sense that a party with many messengers may have many different messages. Each of these partygoers, messengers I choose to call them, approach life differently. There are some of them that wait for things to come. And there are some that create the moment or the opportunity.

A Problem Said is  Problem Created

One thing that is for sure I have never seen a person with problems happy. I am not even sure how those two even go together. One thing I truly believe is that the world is exactly what we say it is. Everything we see, smell or touch we interpret differently from one person to the next. A problem for one is an adventure for another.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned that most of my problems were all self-made. I always wanted to be self-made, but not in this way. I wanted to be able to create a life that I would enjoy living in. Not the other way around. Everything changed for me when I realized that I had to start letting go of the things that I had no current control over.

For instance, when people experience any level of financial strain, their whole world changes. At least they allow it to. From that moment, the number of problems they have increased exponentially. Why? Well, because of them having no income, they start to think of all the upcoming bills that they may be unable to pay. As a result, they go to sleep and wake up with that thought on their minds.

Letting go of potential problems taught me that not everything actually needs to be tended to now. Believe it or not, a lot of these created problems we’ve created can wait for later. While I understand you have no income, that bill you’re worried about is still a ways away. So why allow something that hasn’t taken place yet the opportunity to dominate your present? Next time that crosses your mind, just remember a bill never dies, it eventually gets taken care of. But for us humans, on the other hand, we eventually expire.

What the Pandemic Means to Some

pandemic problems

While many of us continue to maneuver this coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but notice the presented challenges. Not real challenges, only the challenges we labeled as problems. It’s a problem for us because we are unable to do things the way we use to. It has shifted our lives in such a unique way, but many fail to adapt.

At the beginning of this pandemic, I was able to hear the most creative problems ever created by mankind. The restrictions, the lack of social connection, and the best one yet, boredom. The interesting thing about the problems created was before the pandemic, there existed a previous set. What that tells me is that a problem never truly exist, we just invent them as much as we conveniently can.

The word problem seems to be a scapegoat for why we are not making the most of anything situation we’re in. If you lost your job, enjoy the vacation. The pandemic created social distancing? Well, create a personal connection with yourself. You have nowhere to go? Well, spend more time with your familiar. Those two scenarios alone tell me something. And that’s no matter what we’re served the direction in which we look will determine what we’ll find. So…change your focus.

Be sure to join me for Episode #33 – Freedom Comes to Those that Create it. So many of us long for something, but yet spend the time complaining about not having it. That’s only because we forgot about the powers we possess and the ability we have to create our realities.

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