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Episode #33 – Freedom Comes If We Create it


What is freedom to you and how is it possible to experience it fully? For some reason, we all tend to feel a little separated from this liberty we long for. But the question is, what is freedom to each of us, and how do we go about defining it? After all, aren’t we all already free?

Many of us live this life with the feeling of being trapped. It’s as if many feel as though they have no control over their lives. As free as we all come, we long for freedom. We long for something that set us free from the idea that “we have no voice.”

Every one of us envisions our freedom and what it means to us. But we all yearn for it in some aspect of our lives and we all envision it differently. What sets you free may not do it for me. Maybe it takes a little more for me than it does for you. So how do we create something we claim we lack, but yet truly need? Easy, It’s already within you. You aren’t necessarily creating freedom, you are simply creating the path in which it can present itself.

When we say we seek freedom, it’s only the place of stillness that we seek, that special place of peace. That is why even through chaos, it is still possible for us all to experience peace. It’s not that peace, nor chaos really exist. freedomIt’s just the thought’s that we keep in our minds that cloud us from experiencing it. Because if we sit for just a moment, to take in what it is presenting us with, we’ll find it. We’ll experience it like never before.

You’re As Free As Your Mind

When the thoughts that you have takes the back seat to the noise your thinking creates, peace will appear. That is all there is to it. There are so many stories being populated at a high rate, but it is up to us the formulate the story that serves us best.

What is your life like at the moment and what is it are you seeking to free yourself from? Is it form the noise you are currently creating or is it from the course you’ve previously taken. The course of life fitting more of the standard than it did of your own.

Despite where you are in your life, you must always start off by holding yourself accountable. Yes, you are the one and only person liable for the course your life takes. No one else can be responsible for something so precious so divine, something you’re blessed to have in your possession.

As our story continues to unravel, we must continue to check-in, staying present to its current state. We must continue to measure this freedom by asking ourselves, “Based on where I want to go, how is where I am contributing?” Too many times do we wait until it’s too late to blame our lack of direction on the forces that present themselves outside of us. Too many times do we allow it the power to control what we ourselves are responsible for.

Through Creating We Prosper

As a civil engineer I learned that before building any roadway, the path on which it will set must be prepped. There is a process that goes into that beautiful finished product. Likewise, when seeking freedom, we must clear our minds, our thoughts of any self-inflicting roadblocks. Peace isn’t from the things around us. It’s from within.

Our being still has nothing to do with anything we can see. It has everything to do with our focus, our thoughts, and what we consider to be more valuable at the moment. The question is, what do you value? Is it the freedom you long for, or is it the standard you continue to make excuses for. We all say want to be free, but we don’t want to lose the luxury of what the standard provides.

be free

The truth is, freedom isn’t a handout. It’s an acceptance, a realization, that the life we want, the life we envision, is possible for it is far real than you can imagine. The more we fall captivated by our own creation, the more we give ourselves the power, the honor to represent our vision as our reality.

We seek freedom to gain peace, but only experience peace once we free ourselves from ourselves. The moment we start to embrace the beauty in our creativeness, the sooner we start to experience our unboundedness abilities to do all that our inner Being allows us to. Accept, embrace, and know that everything is happening for you. What will you do when you finally realize that life is on your side?

Join me, next week for Episode #34 – To Let Go Is to Be Free. Understanding the power of the moment is to understand the increments of living that make life so grand. Let’s do this again, same time, next week.

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