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Episode #34 – To Let Go Is to Be Free

If you want to be free, you have to be willing to let go of things. Anything that you physically hold causes minor strain to the hand. And with time, that strain lengthens and translates to pain. The question isn’t whether we are experiencing pain, it’s more about did we have to?

Our right to experience any aspect of our life inevitable, but the way we translate the event is everything. To be free, it’s important that we change our mindset. It’s important that we watch the thoughts we keep. Eventually, what you keep on your mind will eventually be the direction in which our reality goes.

be free

At the earlier stages of our lives,  our realities were created by our guardians. Maybe not fully, but for the most part. The awaken or free side of us as a child subconsciously fights what we’re being given when it fails to align with what we want.

A young boy that wants to dance isn’t always encouraged, therefore the parents direct him onto a “better” path. Or is it really? And because they know no better, they direct them towards the paths of the masses. That’s the exact road that many continue to travel. I get it, many of the ones which taught us were once taught so one only imagines of giving more than they’ve been given.

Inheriting the opposite of free

Though our ability to be free can be watered and nourished by our parents, we must take ownership. It shows a lot when we enter the stage of adulthood. That inner fight between what we wanted and what our parents enforced will have met its day.

This is so true that the age of eighteen is looked upon as freedom day, the day we believe we finally get our say. Unfortunately, by that time, many have been so inundated by all of the normalized that they adapt. A hand full of us that actually push through later mentally fade due to the already paved path, the one of certainty. Not the certainty of living free, but the certainty of surviving.

How many times have you been around a circle of people that discussed good ideas only to watch it dissipate? To many of us, for us to be free, the amount on our checks must be at a certain amount. So we work harder, climb the later, exceed the amount, only to realize it was what it was cracked up to be.

Now that we have the money, we still seek for freedom. We do this because what we thought the money would bring us is inexistent. And for that instant, if you truly listen to yourself, you’ll hear exactly what it is that is to set you free. The quality in which you choose to live should always trump the standard the world presents you with.

Stand Out Not In

I get it. The hardest thing to do is make a decision that is out of the norm and have people laugh about it. To be free is to understand that our path may be different and to understand the beauty behind it. Understanding the beauty behind our differences is what allows us this freedom.


At times we allow the noise on the outside silence our ability to hear ourselves. Our voices are constantly speaking. The question is, are we listening? When we come from work every day uttering the words, “I hate going to work,” how do we react to that feeling? Do we listen to ourselves or do we continue to ignore the very thing we have the ability to change?

To be free is to allow ourselves to leave when something doesn’t serve us. Therefore, your health, your state of being, should be held higher than the opinions and thoughts of others.  That one thing that lights you up. That one thing that sets you free should be your priority. For what good are you to the world around you if you are bound under chains that prevent the world from experiencing you truly.

Give More So Others Get More

What I came to realize is that we are more of an inspiration, more of an influence when we are free. We are worth more, and experience life at a higher level. And when we do that, we give more access to a world that they may not have had. The value we will then possess will be limitless. We all have that ability and can experience that free feeling once we tap into the source within.

Join me next week for Episode #35 – A Life Created is Life Well Lived. When we come to accept our ability to create we come to accept the responsibility we hold. We come to hold ourselves more accountable when we know that there is nothing we can’t do. Once we accept that, we accept life. And once we accept life….we live.

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