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Episode #35 – A Life Created is A Life Well Lived

life well lived

At the end of it all, all we want is to be able to see that our life was one well lived. We want to be able to navigate this life in a way that sets us free. I mean, for all we know, this one life is all we have.

Despite what your religious or spiritual beliefs are on life, it’s here. Whether you believe you’ll be going to heaven, paradise, or hell one thing is for sure, the present. And if there is one thing we know about the present is that it’s right before us. It is NOW. The only way to create a life worth living is by taking advantage of that very moment.

Too many times do we play the bystander of our own story. We seek to lead but constantly watch. In other words, we want something different but we wait for what’s happening to pass. We make no real effort to contribute to the direction our course of life takes us on. Sometimes we’re so busy watching we forget that we should be driving. We get so lost in the things we don’t want that we fail to acknowledge our ability to create. A life well lived isn’t one we give up on, it’s one we breathe life into. We forget that although we may not have what we want, we can still create it. That’s empowerment.

With many outside options, we sometimes lose ourselves in gimmicks. We start to abandon the life we want to live. And subconsciously, we start to replace it with the common, the standard way of living we were all served.

The Artist that Lives Within

create life

We are all artists if you really think about it. Because we all live within a world that is made up of our mini creations. And the overall picture is made up of all of the things we’ve contributed as a whole. It is made up of all of the definitions representing a life we each find worth living.

It’s so common to see the fascination an artist creates. Part of the reason we tend to be so fascinated is that, subconsciously, we find that to be such a hard feat. We are more focused on the fact that we are unable to create such a piece than by the beauty itself. It’s really not that we can’t, it’s just the way we make ourselves feel. That is why we should constantly be reminded of the life we look to live.

Once we are in sync with what we want, all we have left is to take ownership of its creation. It is important that we grab the bull by the horn, so to speak. We were all given the power to create. And once we all start to embody that authority, the quality of our lives change drastically.

The question is, what are you willing to do to start living NOW? How does the life you look to live valued over the standard life you continue to live? Isn’t your bravery to carve your path worth the outcome? Just think about it for a minute. Your joy is what an army is to a Sargeant. They march to the beat of his drum. Likewise, this little light of mine/yours follows the orders we give it. live freeIt will only shine as bright as we order it to. As captains, we guide our ships, and it is our responsibility to guide it safely.

A Life Well Lived On Your Terms

Life is a contract between you and yourself. The ins and outs of that contract should be clear to you and everyone around you by the way you live. Just by the way you move, the way you navigate through life, many will know you. Many will see you and many will feel you because your statement is clear.

Your mission, your compass is so clear that it is easy to see where you’re going. The best thing about the life you want to live is that you make the rules. Once again, it is your script, your story, so the advantage is yours to alter as you go. Nothing is set in stone unless you say so. Therefore, you have the liberty to change course as you see fit. You have the ability to shift based on your personal growth and enlightenment. This is your race, and the only person on this track is you. Only you can beat yourself, no one else.

So when creating your life, think about what you want it to look like and how you can benefit fully from such life. Don’t wait for it to come, create it. It’s yours to keep once you have it. No one can take it away from you. Your life, therefore, your responsibility to live it.  Join me next week, Episode #36 – The NOW is Far Better than the Past. The past is beautiful because it contributed to the present, but to enjoy the present fully, we must learn to leave the past behind. You don’t want to miss this one.

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