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Episode #36 – The NOW is Far Better than the Past

The NOW is far more important than any other day you could ever imagine. What day could possibly be worth any more of your time than that of NOW? To live in any other moment is a disservice to our very existence.


The moment is where it all is. There is nothing before or after when you’re living there. Yesterday can provide us with many memories we can enjoy at the moment, but living there isn’t ideal. Living in the NOW gives us the utmost opportunity at experiencing this life we were all given.

But it’s not about just experiencing this life, but experiencing it in such a way that you always feel full. We all live, but we all don’t experience life the same. And although we may all be alive on the outside, many of us are still dead on the inside. When we live in the NOW, it all starts to make sense.

Living in the NOW you realize that no problem exists. You realize that when you remain present you set you free from being bound. Living at any other time than the moment itself is a disservice to everything that moment presents us with. After all, how can tomorrow or yesterday be any better than NOW, this very instant?

In the past, there is nothing we can change and in the future, there is nothing for us to see. But in the NOW everything flows, everything IS. Any other time means nothing. When we live in a state wanting to be instead of Being, we miss the entire point. We miss our very source of living.

The NOW is Where It All Lives

the moment

Beyond this very moment, there is nothing. On the other hand, in this moment, you are able to create all of the things you desire. You have no problems because these problems we all continue to create have no room there. Therefore, the NOW has no room for any other time to live.

If we all stay committed to a life of plentifulness, we will find that our every move will align with it. We would need to first acknowledge the moment that lies before us. If we do our utmost in staying there we will find that nothing outside of it matters.

Like many people, I was always focused on future plans and dwelling on the past effects of my life. I would reflect a lot. I mean, there is nothing wrong with reflecting. If anything, it’s actually very good. It’s living there that can be painful. Therefore, allow your past to guide you. Don’t accept it as possible lodging. It does none of us any justice to live there.

When we choose to live away from the past, all we have is NOW and everything after it. But to be completely free we must submit totally to this very moment. In order to do that, we must stray from living in the future as well. It does us no justice to do so. Especially when everything that is happening is right before us, in the NOW.

There’s nothing better than this moment because this moment is everything. Outside of it, nothing. So stay here. Steal time back and stay in the only place that will ever matter at any given time, NOW.

If We Stay Here We Live

We all want to live, but we look for our living elsewhere. Living, at times, can be confused with what we use as a reference. Are we basing our every moments on what we’ve been through? Are you basing it on what has yet to come? If so, don’t go too far. Stay here, in the NOW.

the NOW

Staying in the moment doesn’t only maximize your experience on this earth, it allows you the full version. It allows you the opportunity of getting the most of what this life has to offer. And it gives you a chance at living and feeling every moment along the way.

The only place to live is NOW because that is the only place that is real. Anything else is an illusion. If it already happened or has yet to happen, it is only getting in the way of the moment. The moment is NOW. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is based on this simple rule of life itself. To be awake and present so so that every moment is caught, every moment is felt. If we ought to live our best life, NOW would be the time. No use looking any further than that. Stay here, stay present, and stay in the moment. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Join me for next Episode #37 – Accepting Others Allows You to Live. Seeking acceptance without acceptancing is clearly unacceptable. Because the more we accept others, the more you allow yourself to live. And when you’re living, you are free.


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