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Episode #37 – Accepting Others Allows You to Live

accepting others

Accepting others is a gift we must all learn to accept. Because whether we know it or not, when we openly receive others, we in turn receive ourselves. We’re not only more comfortable with who we are, every member of our body is in sync with that idea.

Although the acceptance of yourself allows you to accept others, it’s your accepting them that allows you more life. The more open you are the more you start to see more. Because when we condemn something in our minds we become ignorant of its reality. Not only do we not know, but we don’t even care to.

Accepting others isn’t really hard, we just make it so. Despite our religious beliefs, we are all simply walking this course awaiting the same day, answering to the same Creator. Sometimes we can get more caught up in our judging than we do with our own humanity. There’s no reason not to accept one another. We were all created imperfectly perfect. And we were each given the honor to create. It is not from our appearance we are judged. it is from the condition of our hearts.

When we fail to accept others, we prevent ourselves the opportunity of learning and experiencing more. The longer you know someone, the more you learn. But the more you judge someone, the farther away from them you position yourself. And the more you judge them, the farther you are from accepting them and gifts.

Live in the Freeness of Judgement

We are all beautiful creatures, accepted by the higher power we each serve. The most truthful thing of all, it’s our differences that make it so. We get so caught up with certain messages that we neglect the others. I know the Bible condemns homosexuality, but I know the Bible encourages us to love though. Therefore we remember 1 Corinthians 6:​9, 10, while forgetting to apply Colossians 3:14.

accepting others

I’m far from religious, but my values remain the same. I may not attend church, but I know where my heart should be at all times. Therefore, I know through the freedom I was given, I must accept that others were given too. Just because I may understand the rules of a game doesn’t mean I must referee every match.

That can be a little overwhelming. Why make my life so complicated judging others, when I can focus on my personal growth. That should keep me busy enough. When I accept myself, I recognize all of the works that need to take place within. That is my constant focus.

When I keep that mindset, my own imperfections are clear to me. I understand my weaknesses, but I also acknowledge my strengths. I accept and embrace my journey because I know where it will take me. Also, I know that if I continue to focus on myself and the journey, the shift will eventually take place. Embracing my path has allowed me the space to accept and embrace others as well.

The moment I had opened myself up to a greater world behind my own, I grew. The more you learn the more you grow and I realized the many opportunities that followed. The more I accepted others the freer I became.

Accept So That Life Accepts You

This amazing life we have allows us to experience so much. There are so many opportunities that await us if we free ourselves from our own thinking. It’s okay to have a belief and it’s okay to live by a set of principles. But we must accept others regardless of them not sharing our beliefs.

If we accept our way of living, it’s only right that we not interfere with the way others move. When we truly embrace ourselves, there’s a feeling of freedom we feel. And it’s this very freedom we should extend onto others. Not by giving it to them, but rather, by not ruining their process no matter how you personally feel. Every bit matters.

accepting others

We are all blessed with the same opportunity of life and our freedom to live it as we please. With that freedom, we have all been given a responsibility. With every power we possess comes a great deed of responsibility in fact. We must not only learn to use them, but we should also learn when to put them away. When we accept our gifts and understand what they represent, you understand the many gifts others bring around you. You are just as grateful for the gifts of others as you are of yourself. It’s no longer about condemning others, it’s more about appreciating their gifts.

Our free ourselves from judgment is really what sets us free. Standing from a seat of perfection can be a heavyweight to carry. But when we embrace our imperfection and find the beauty in it, we see beauty everywhere. We see the beauty in the things many lack appreciation for. And when we do so, we accept life.

Join me next week for  Episode #38 – Life Lives in the Way We Feel. Despite our circumstances, the quality in which we live is all based on what we feel. Remember, you don’t need to be presented with the best circumstances for you to live a full life. It’s all within you.


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