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Episode #38 – Life Lives in the Way We Feel

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What’s life to you and what are you doing to ensure that life lives within you? Are you the product of what life serves you or are you the commander of its path? Life is such a beautiful thing to experience. But yet, we sometimes spend most of our time living outside of it.

What is it about ourselves that we neglect the living of life? Why is it that we live in a state in which the quality of our lives takes the back seat? Do we not want to live a full life of meaning or are we satisfied with the lack thereof?

Throughout the history of mankind, man has been able to create, destroy, and recreate many things. But unfortunately, the only one thing man cannot create or recreate is life itself. We’ve managed to somehow take life for granted by taking it away while being unable to bring it back. Living life shouldn’t even be an option, it should be a way of living, a way of Being.

To live life fully, one must not only drown themselves in gratitude for living, but for the only life they know. How do you feel? And how does the way you feel contribute to the life you choose to live? Like Bob Marley once said, “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” So, which one do you fall under?

Many of us continue to take this life we have for granted. Therefore we make no real effort to sugar it up the best we can. Living in such a manner is like a milkshake without whip cream. It’s like a bowl of cereal without milk. No matter what’s in your hands, it’s always like there is something missing.

Living A Life Like No Other

living life

Ever been to a party or an event that you continue to cherish until this day? How does it feel when you think about this moment? What does it mean to you? Ever had a bad day only for that moment to cross your mind? I can imagine how refreshing it must feel.

If we are to feel this freedom this life presents us with, we must submit to feeding it constantly. Just like any plant living life, we shouldn’t be satisfied with merely existing. But we should be willing to do everything in our ability to make it all grow.

There isn’t an organism on this planet that doesn’t benefit from growth. There isn’t a life in this world that can survive without the existence of a stretch. We all need it for it is necessary for our evolving in this world. It isn’t about how long you live. It’s about the quality of life you are able to create within the amount of time you are here for. As they say, quality over quantity any day. What good is a handful of nuts if only a few taste good?

Choosing Life Over Anything In the World

live life

If you take yourself away from any moment that presents itself before you, you may miss out on life. Therefore, the best way we can live life is by feeling every moment we live. It’s about taking in every moment that we’re given. It’s about living life in such a way that it flows through your soul.

When the wind blows, if we stay in the moment, we won’t talk about what is. Rather, we will allow what is to live through us. We are life and living life fully requires us to stay alive every step of the way.

Feeling is a sense that just isn’t credited enough. When you live you experience life, but when you feel, life experiences you. And the best part about life is we can build it any way we choose to. The question is when your time comes, how will you have built something worth talking about.

What part of your life would you need to turn on in order to get the best quality possible? At the end of the day, it’s all within. Everything we need to accomplish this life we live lives inside of us. Nowhere else. And everything we need to live our best lives lies in the way we feel ourselves through. So do me favor, open up, and let it all in.

Join me next week, Episode #39 – Live Through the Loss of A Loved One. We’ve all, at one point or another, have lost someone we love. It’s hard, but the reality is life goes on and we must find a way to live it through. You don’t want to miss this one.

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